Alleged gambling kingpin’s lawyer surrenders rare Lamborghini to Thai police

The ultrarare 40 million baht Lamborghini belonging to alleged macau888 gambling kingpin Benz Daemon has been handed over to Thai Cyber Police – complete with a new paint job – by the suspect’s lawyer.

Benz Daemon, who fled to Hong Kong, has not yet returned to Thailand to face his charges but police say he is expected any day now.

At 10am, lawyer Phisit Chutiphon delivered the only Lamborghini Mad Bull Liberty Walk Aventador V2 in Thailand, and one of only 50 in the world, to the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau.

The car’s chaotic yellow, red, and black paint job has been replaced with a visually-smoother red and black look, but a handwritten message by the car’s manufacturer on the left window reveals the car’s true identity…

“Benz Daemon… [illegible signature]… 1st in Thailand”

After TV actress Arisara “Due” Thongborisut made allegations against her ex-boyfriend Benz Daemon and his three brothers for operating the illegal gambling website macau888 on Facebook last month, Thai police sought arrest warrants for several suspects and set out to seize the rare sportscar among other assets.

However, after searching high and low, the police couldn’t find Benz’s Lamborghini, valued at 40 million baht.

Lawyer Phisit said the Lamborghini is registered under the name of Benz’s younger brother.

Benz Daemon did not wish to respond to Due’s recent allegations that she was physically abused by him during their relationship, only saying that the recent news was “exaggerated.” Allegedly, Benz said he wants to expedite the case, so he is expected to surrender soon.

One of the “four brothers,” police officer Kunakorn “Captain Bright” Khajohnboonthaworn, was recently cleared of his accusations after interrogation at Suvarnabhumi Airport Police Station.

In a press conference on the matter, immigration chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Phakphumphiphat Sujjapan said Captain Bright had “outstanding abilities” in the police force.

When a female reporter probed him about what exactly he meant, the immigration chief awkwardly dodged the question by asking, “Do you have a husband?” baffling the media.

Police have arrested 46 people allegedly involved in the macau888 gambling network so far and seized several luxury cars as well as the Lamborghini.

However, soapy massage king and full-time whistleblower Chuwit Kamolvisit says macau888 is just a “size small shirt” in Thailand’s gambling underworld, and the “large size shirt” belongs to a police officer “Inspector Sua.”

Chuwit accuses Pol. Lt. Col. Wasawat Mukrasakul – aka “Inspector Sua” – of even bigger gambling crimes than Benz Daemon. Inspector Sua also drives a luxury car.

Benz Daemon's lawyer surrenders rare Lamborghini to Thai police

Alleged gambling kingpin's lawyer surrenders rare Lamborghini to Thai police | News by Thaiger

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