Alcohol ban tightening in homeless centre after in-house murder

PHOTO: Alcohol ban tightening after homeless on homeless murder in centre. (via Pattaya News)

The Chon Buri Homeless Protection Centre is vowing to crack down on their alcohol ban after a drunk homeless man used a broken booze bottle to kill another homeless man. The bizarre and grisly murder carried out by the intoxicated tenant has prompted the centre to tighten up enforcement of the alcohol ban already in place in the shelter.

The murder was over a personal dispute apparently over the victim previously stealing the attacker’s money, and the drunk man casually laid down for a nap with the man he murdered still lying dean in the room when the police came to arrest him. He had broken the bottle over the man’s head, slashed the man’s throat and pummeled the victim, who was covered in bruises, before dragging him to the front of the second-story dorm where the attacker then went back to sleep.

Everyone else was evacuated to the first floor, and when police arrived the attacker was relaxed and smiling when he was arrested without incident. The victim was taken to Bang Lamung Hospital where his body awaits his family picking him up tomorrow for religious rites to be performed on his deceased body at Wat Chong Lom in Chon Buri.

In a press conference last night, the director of the Department of Social Development and Welfare gave an update on the murder incident and preventative action was discussed. The homeless centre accepted responsibility for the incident and was grieving the loss of their boarder. They agreed that blocking all alcohol from entering the premise was very challenging and that they were too understaffed to be fully effective, with just one man and one woman handling overseeing the facility 24 hours.

They also have an issue with security as they are not allowed to keep CCTV cameras in the dorms in the homeless centre to protect human privacy rights. But the director vowed to put stricter inspections in place and plans to ask law enforcement for help screening incoming guests of the centre to prevent any other incidents in the future.

Pattaya has seen a sharp rise in homelessness due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and lack of tourism for nearly 3 years.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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