Thai industry gets high on government’s green hemp policy

The controversial plan to use hemp in the Thai textile industry is part of the government’s green policy.

Business plans are already underway by the Commerce Ministry to promote hemp fibre in the Thai textile arena as it offers high potential in the global market.

Hemp and cannabis were classified as drugs under Category 5 the Narcotics Act of Thailand, despite the herbs offering extensive medicinal properties. But in 2019 when the possession and use of cannabis for medical and research purposes was legalised in Thailand, it become a game-changer.

Phusit Ratanakul Sereroengrit, director-general of the International Trade Promotion Department, revealed the plan aligns with the government’s ongoing efforts to push hemp as a new potential green, economic crop for the commercial market.

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“The department foresaw the potential to promote hemp in textiles and products for export because it is a natural fibre with many special properties. The production process is environmentally friendly and able to respond to global market trends.”

The world market for textiles and garments made from fibres and hemp products is now estimated to be worth more than 140 billion baht, and figures are expected to grow by around 23% in the next five years.

In Q1 of this year, Thai textile product exports was around US$1.8 billion, up nearly 14% year-on-year. The most important export markets included the US, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, India and Germany.

The major export products comprised garments worth US$602 million (35%), fabric and yarn worth US$552 million (32%) and other textiles including artificial fibres, embroidered and lace fabrics etc., totalled US$571 million (33.1%).

Source Bangkok Post

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