7-Eleven stores introduce digital govt service channel for Thais

A new digital channel is being introduced in 7-Eleven stores to make it easier for residents in Thailand to access government services.

The Digital Government Development Agency (DGA) is using a technology integrator Counter Service to create a new channel to verify and issue digital IDs for citizens.

The DGA reckon the systems will make it easier for people to access government services and verify their identities.

Part of the verification process will require users to download an app and scan a QR code after presenting their ID to a 7-Eleven operative. After verifying their identity, customers will receive a text confirming their digital ID is active.

DGA moved to ease fears that there is no danger their personal information will be shared or stolen. DGA underlined that all information transferred as part of the process will be encrypted, and sent directly to DGA and it won’t be stored in any of the 7-Eleven stores residents use.

After verification, Thais will be able to access government services including child support subsidies, credit bureau services, vehicle registration information, and pension contributions.

Prime Minister’s Office deputy spokesperson Ratchada Thanadirek revealed about 70 online services are available from government agencies.

“The government aims to develop digital solutions to provide the public with new opportunities for further innovation and digitalization, thus accelerating the development of channels to facilitate access for all groups of people.

“The safety of the public is still an important issue that the government considers. Including personal information in using the service citizens have access to their data stored by government agencies.

“Therefore, it is necessary to prove and verify the identity of the user to ensure that there will be no impersonation of the name to request the service by persons other than the data owner. So that people have a variety of channels and can be confident that they are safe.”

In June, the country introduced a new mobile ID for residents.

7-Eleven stores introduce digital govt service channel for Thais | News by Thaiger
Prime Minister’s Office deputy spokesperson Ratchada Thanadirek

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