Is Thailand famous for coffee and is Thai coffee good?

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Thailand now ranks in the top 15 coffee exporters of coffee in the world. Thai coffee was never really known, but in recent years, international recognition for Thai coffee has rapidly increased. And this time, Thailand isn’t just known for Robusta coffee beans but also Arábica coffee beans.

To date, Thailand still exports very little coffee as most of the coffee is consumed within the country, making it very hard to source, especially in bulk amounts. What’s most interesting is that Thailand offers one of the rare origins of coffee where there is a sustainable coffee ecosystem.

As the specialty coffee economy continues to grow in Thailand, more and more specialty coffee beans can be found throughout the country. Specialty grade Arábica coffee that is grown sustainably and a wide selection of fine quality Robusta coffee beans.

As the months have gone by, several coffee roasters in Thailand have ramped up their skills, knowledge, and roasting profiles to compete for the best coffee beans. The best way to stay up to date with who has the best coffee beans yearly is to either check on Coffee Culture’s website or drop them a message to find out the latest winners.

Is Thailand famous for coffee and is Thai coffee good? | News by Thaiger
Image via Coffee Culture


Thailand had evolved a long way from when the first coffee tree was planted in Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai. Nowadays, both foreigners and local Thais alike begin their day with a cup of coffee, some freshly fried patongko and a diary or a phone nearby. It’s just the perfect way to start the day and plan ahead while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. Coffee is special.

At first, it might seem like coffee is addictive, but underneath it all, it does come with a lot of benefits. Coffee creates bonds in society, awareness of news, and jobs for groups of people everywhere.

From only drinking coffee once a day early in the morning at a local shop run by Chinese, to a cup brewed fresh at home, another brewed at the office, and an afternoon pleasure at a favorite cafe. Thailand used to be a land of instant coffees, but those days are being pushed further and further away.

Is Thailand famous for coffee and is Thai coffee good? | News by Thaiger
Image via Coffee Culture


Thai iced coffee is a drink you can find on almost every street in Thailand. A traditional Thai iced coffee is made up of three main ingredients – coffee, condensed milk, and some spice. Making it such a unique drink, and many have fallen in love with it. A strong cup of iced coffee is then softened out by the sweetened condensed milk as well as the evaporated milk. Years and years have gone by, but Thai iced coffee to this day remains to be extremely sweet. One of the reasons why at Coffee Cultures we have adapted the recipe of the “Kaafe Yen Boran”, in other words, Ancient Coffee. Watch this how-to video and learn how to make Coffee Culture’s delicious Thai iced coffee. It’s a Thai coffee recipe you will want to save.

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Image via Coffee Culture


If you’re wondering where the best place to buy Thai coffee beans or where to buy ground coffee in Thailand, you’ll want to check out Thailand’s first and largest online coffee store – COFFEE CULTURE THAILAND. Coffee Culture Thailand was founded in 2020 amidst the pandemic and holds an extensive collection of different local coffee roasters in Thailand.

A coffee delivery service is available with a focus on genuinely uplifting local Thai coffee both domestically and internationally

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