Why you should learn basic Thai before moving to Thailand

Whether it’s for a job, romance, or you’ve just been dreaming of living in Thailand all your life, moving to a new country is always exciting (and maybe a little bit scary). But before you pack your bags, let’s talk about why learning Thai should be on your checklist. A lot of people think that learning the local language is pointless because “everyone understands English nowadays,” but that’s not necessarily true. Even if you’re going to work in a place where English is the main language, or you’re planning to live in a neighborhood full of expats, you’re still going to run into a lot of situations where knowing some basic Thai will be super helpful.

It’ll help you feel more connected to your new home

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Why bother learning basic Thai before moving, if you will eventually learn it anyway, right? Well, that’s not always true. Remember that moving to a new place, particularly a new country, is already stressful, and trying to learn a new language on top of that can add even more stress. Many people even find themselves sticking with other expats who speak their native language instead of getting to know the locals.
Learning Thai before moving to Thailand is like laying down a sturdy foundation for your new life. It gives you the space to master the basics without any distractions. It also gives you the motivation to keep practicing once you arrive in the country. Additionally, it can help you feel more connected to your new home from the very beginning. Instead of feeling like an outsider, struggling to communicate, you’ll feel confident to engage with your surroundings and build meaningful connections with the people you meet.

Your daily life will be easier

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Learning even just a little bit of Thai can make your life in Thailand much easier. Sure, you could try to rely on English for your basic needs, but you quickly realize that not everyone understands you perfectly. Sometimes, the language barrier can lead to confusion or misunderstanding, especially when you’re outside of touristy areas.
Take ordering something in a local restaurant for example. With just a few simple Thai phrases, you can ask the server in restaurants about how much a dish costs, how spicy it is, or what ingredients are used. Whether you have any dietary restrictions or not, this helps make sure that you can enjoy your meal comfortably. Aside from ordering food, any routine activity like grocery shopping, picking up laundry, and using public transportation won’t feel like a burden on your day. Plus, you’re less likely to get scammed when you can understand and express yourself in Thai.
Knowing basic Thai will also help you in emergency situations. Let’s face it – as much as we want our lives to be smooth, accidents and mishaps can always happen. Imagine your apartment suddenly floods, and you can’t handle the situation because you simply don’t know any Thai. Or you suddenly feel ill and have to visit the nearest medical clinic to get treatment, but none of the staff can understand your needs. In these situations, being able to speak Thai can make a world of difference.

Bureaucracy won’t be so complicated

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Like it or not, you need to deal with administrative tasks at some point in your life in Thailand. And handling bureaucracy in the country can be a real headache if you don’t speak Thai. Trying to talk to grumpy government workers and filling out paperwork in your native language is not fun – now imagine doing that in a language you don’t understand.
And we’re not just talking about big stuff like buying a condo or starting a business. Even simple tasks like registering your address, paying your vehicle taxes, or opening a bank account can be tricky if you can’t speak at least basic Thai. Therefore, by learning a little Thai before you move, you’ll be better prepared to handle all the necessary paperwork and bureaucracy that comes with living in Thailand.

You’ll get to immerse in the Thai culture

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Learning some basic Thai before moving can help open up a whole new world for you in Thailand. It will help you experience the culture differently from regular visitors. When you speak even a little Thai, you become part of Thai society in a way that’s hard to achieve otherwise.
Think about it, when you can chat with locals in their own language, you can actually share moments and make memories. It can also help you build meaningful friendships. Soon you will find yourself seeking advice, joking around, and sharing stories with the locals. Plus, you might even stumble upon experiences that regular visitors miss out on. The locals may invite you to dinners, birthday parties, weddings, and cultural events, giving you plenty of opportunities to experience Thai culture firsthand.
Moreover, learning Thai shows respect for the local culture. Thai people appreciate when visitors make an effort to learn their language. It’s a sign of humility and openness. After all, you’re a guest in their country, so why not show your appreciation by speaking at least a little bit of their language?

You’ll have a competitive edge

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Speaking Thai gives you a competitive edge in Thailand’s vibrant job market and social scene. It might even help you in other parts of the world, too, since it boosts your skills and opens up new opportunities. You’ll have access to more job options, and employers will see you as a serious candidate. Who knows, you might find an amazing job opportunity that you hadn’t even thought of, fall in love with the country, and decide to stay forever.

Ling Language App: The easiest way to learn basic Thai before moving to Thailand

Learning Thai is the first step to making the most of your time in Thailand. But where should you start? Well, one easy way is by using an app on your phone, like the Ling App.

Ling App makes learning Thai (and 60 other languages) simple and convenient. It won’t take much of your precious time at all. With quick lessons, you’ll cover reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in just 10 minutes. This means that you still have plenty of time for other things in your life.
The app’s approach is also super effective. It uses fun games and activities to help you remember words and phrases. Moreover, it offers features to improve your pronunciation and listening skills. You can chat with an interactive chatbot to practice speaking and listen to audio from native Thai speakers to enhance your comprehension. The app is also backed by linguistic research. Thus, you can trust that you’re using effective methods to be able to speak Thai in no time.

Moreover, Ling also specializes in niche languages, especially in Asian and Eastern European languages such as Tagalog, Albanian, or even less spoken languages like Sorbian. Download the Ling App on the App Store or Google Play, and start your language journey!
For more information, visit Ling’s website.



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