Let’s take that leap of faith

Sooner or later we need take one ‘ginormous’ deep breath and take that Leap of Faith.

Saturday afternoon is a good as time as any.

We hadn’t even started our lunch when Ghan served me up a little challenge – “Dude I’m going to send you a random picture and you have to write about the picture. You only have 1 minute ….so the clock is ticking.”

Hold on my friend…. where is my READY – SET – GO?

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Don’t the majority of us wait to be READY?

Wait, at least, until that python has lessened it’s constrictive grip on our throat and chest and we can breathe.

‘I’m not ready’ is a handy ace up the sleeve.

Gahn is someone who I have immense respect and admiration for. He left the sure thing of the safe and secure, last year, to follow his dream and passion of photography. Over the course of the last year I’ve seen his creativity blossom and he is a man of passion and conviction. We did a photoshoot last month and it wasn’t his photos that inspired me; it was the raw and naked “I LOVE THIS” stamped on his face. The real creativity isn’t in his photos but in his masculinity and presence; chiseling the man he wants to be.

How many of us can jump out of bed with the same gusto and without saying a word “I LOVE THIS” sprayed across our face?

Back to the lunch time challenge.

Let's take that leap of faith | News by Thaiger

Challenge accepted. I’m a staunch believer in not preaching the sermon but living the sermon. Life has a very funny way of tapping you on the shoulder and saying “..Ummm excuse me but enough with the platitudes. Let’s take that leap of faith!”

There is something to be said about trusting that we do have the qualifications. Who needs a script when you have yourself?

Not quit a thousand words but a great little lunch time challenge:

Ridged and hard on the outside but soft on the inside. Doesn’t rigid and hard fit so nicely into our tidy little box? We need to learn to colour outside the lines and let down our protective armour. It’s a prerequisite for an unconditional YES in life.

Plummet with a ferocious intensity.

The only person we need to trust is ourselves.

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