The 5 beautiful cafes in Khao Yai you need to visit

PHOTO: Blossom Bloom Khao Yai

It’s impossible to get bored in Bangkok, but if you want a change of scenery without travelling too far, a visit to Khao Yai might be the answer. Located around 2.5 hours by car from the capital, Khao Yai is blessed with breathtaking natural landscapes. Most visit to explore its lush forests, beautiful waterfalls, and mesmerising wildlife. Today, however, Khao Yai has also become a popular destination for cafe-hopping. These cafes offer the perfect place to relax, sip a cold beverage, and take lots and lots of pictures for the gram. But which one actually lives up to the aesthetic (and the taste buds)? Here are the 5 most beautiful cafes in Khao Yai you absolutely need to visit.

Top 5 beautiful cafes in Khao Yai, Thailand

Blossom Bloom

The interior and exterior of Blossom Bloom, one of the 5 trendy cafes in Khao Yai
PHOTO: Blossom Bloom Khao Yai

Opening hour: Daily, 09.00 to 18.00

Location: Blossom Bloom Khao Yai, Sap Sawong Village, House No. 59/9, Village No. 6, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130

If you spend a lot of time on TikTok, then you’re probably already familiar with Blossom Bloom. This charming cafe is basically a flower field, with a shiny all-white main building in the centre. You do need to pay 100 THB to go in, but with beautiful views at every turn, it’s hard not to fall in love with this cafe. 

Come in the afternoon and take a lot of pretty pictures with the flowers. After that, go inside to cool down and relax. Blossom Bloom’s menu is filled with treats to satisfy any sweet tooth, from refreshing drinks to delightful cakes. It’s the perfect way to end a beautiful day surrounded by natural beauty. 

Blossom Bloom is also pet-friendly, so be sure to bring along your furry friends!

Like a Mountain

A lush backyard in Like a Mountain, one of the 5 trendy cafes in Khao Yai
PHOTO: Like a Mountain Khao Yai

Opening hour: Daily, 09.00 to 17.00

Location: Like a Mountain Khao Yai, 69 Moo 11 Khanong Phra, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130

When you get to Like a Mountain Cafe Khao Yai, you’ll see a nice green lawn with a white minimalist building. You have two options: you can sit inside where everything is white and cosy, or you can go out to the backyard. Out in the backyard, you can sit under the big raintree, feel the gentle breeze, and enjoy your yummy coffee while admiring the lush green surroundings. It’s a super chill spot to unwind and take a break from the busy world!

As for the menu, Like a Mountain offers a selection of desserts, as well as coffee and non-coffee beverages. For a delightful treat, we highly recommend trying the Cinnamon Latte and Tiramisu. Not only do they taste divine, but they are also pleasing to your eyes!

B77 Cafe’

The 5 beautiful cafes in Khao Yai you need to visit | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: B77 Cafe’

Opening hour: Daily, 07.00 to 17.00

Location: B77 Cafe’ Khao Yai, No. 77 Mu Si, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130

B77 Cafe’ is a bit of a hidden gem, so be sure not to miss it whenever you’re in Khao Yai. Tucked away under the shade of trees, this quaint little cafe has a charming hipster vibe that’s hard to resist, with its wooden building and retro decorations. They also provide a range of books, inviting you to relax, enjoy delicious treats, and disconnect from the world for a while.

Opening early at 07.00, this Khao Yai cafe is the perfect spot to grab a simple breakfast. Their coffee is delicious, and it will perk you up for the day ahead. Plus, their dessert selection is also worth exploring. Our favourite is the banoffee pie, but everything else is delicious as well.

Trot Cafe

The 5 beautiful cafes in Khao Yai you need to visit | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Trot Cafe

Opening hour: Daily, 10.00 to 19.00

Location: Trot Cafe Khao Yai, 333, Khanong Phra, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30450

Trot Cafe Khao Yai is a dreamy, country-style cafe located inside the Rancho Charnvee Resort & Coffee. The cafe was inspired by ranch life and horseback riding. That’s why you can find and interact with many horses here. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try horseback riding, mini vintage car rides, and even golfing. With the many activities that it has to offer, it’s perfect for families with kids.

Inside the cafe itself, you’ll find a wide selection of food and drinks. You should try their Thai Latte – it’s sweet and really refreshing! And if you’re hungry, their Grilled Chicken and Avocado Toast are flavourful and delicious.

Khaam Khaoyai

The 5 beautiful cafes in Khao Yai you need to visit | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Khaam Khaoyai

Opening hour: Daily, 08.30 to 18.00

Location: Khaam Khaoyai, Wang Sai, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130

Matcha is a serious business in Khaam Khaoyai, so it’s easy to see why they have some of the best Matcha treats in Thailand. All of their drinks are delicious, but we suggest trying their Dirty Matcha. It’s like heaven in a tiny glass! For real matcha fans, don’t miss out on their Matcha Cheesecake, which is so creamy and delicious that it will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Aside from the food, Khaam also boasts a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The whole place looks just like something out of a Japanese postcard, perfect for snapping some cute pictures. The air conditioning is a nice break from the hot weather. But if you don’t mind the heat, the beautiful Japanese garden outside is like a feast for your eyes.

So, which one of these beautiful cafes in Khao Yai are you most excited to visit?

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