Thai government earmarks 6 billion baht for 26 million doses of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine

The Thai Cabinet is to put aside over 6 billion baht to procure 26 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca, in conjunction with researchers at Oxford University in the UK. Nation Thailand reports that the National Vaccine Institute will be given 2.38 billion baht to reproduce the vaccine, in an effort to reduce the cost from the current 600 baht to 150 baht per jab. The rest of the funds, which will come from the national budget for emergencies and essentials, will be split into 1.59 billion baht for reserving vaccines and 2.08 billion for vaccine management and distribution.

The move comes as the world welcomes positive news from other vaccine developers, including Pfizer and BioNTech, as well as US giant, Moderna. The decision has been confirmed by government spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri, who says the funds for vaccine management and distribution will only be spent once the its effectiveness has been proven.

“The Cabinet has agreed to earmark funds for the purchase of vaccines from AstraZeneca because the Public Health Ministry has signed a memorandum of understanding with it. Thailand’s very own Siam Bioscience company is also preparing to produce vaccines.”

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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  • "... in an effort to reduce the cost from the current 600 baht to 150 baht per jab"

    Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna are around US$45 for two jabs, so 1,350 baht rather than 1,200 reduced to 300 for AstraZeneca.

    Personally, until a lot more is known about the efficacy of any of the vaccinations (duration, transmission, etc) I won't be in any rush to be vaccinated in case something better comes along in the not too distant future which I won't be able to have if I've already had one of the 'early' ones.

    • I feel pretty much the same as you regarding taking the vaccine too early. Regarding price, I believe I've recently read the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is expected to be priced around £2 (80 baht) pfizer vaccine at around £7 (280 baht) could be wrong of course.

      • I hope you're right about the prices, but I think that's being very optimistic.

        Apart from all the other issues the problem with the Pfizer vaccine is that the cost of storing and transporting it at between -70 and -80c will make the overall costs skyrocket.

  • all for a virus no worse than the flu, with a recovery rate of 99.5+%, for a virus that hasn't affected 99.95% of the thai population.
    the propaganda and stupidity is off the charts.

    • Why do you think so many doctors and hospitals don't think it's "no worse than the flu"?

      Just wondering why so many of them, all over the world, have got it so badly wrong .....

    • The recovery rate is not 99.5+%. In some countries, the mortality rate is over 10%. The mortality rate of the flu is 1/10th of 1%. Yes, your stupidity is off the charts.

  • The Australians should sell the virus on a dual pricing system. As is the habit of Thais with ferangs.
    A B1000 for Thais. B100 for Australians.
    Which appropriately would be judged, giving the Thais a dose of their own medicine.

    • Toby

      Which science, engineering, medicine, high-tech has ever come out of Australia?

      They just dig up minerals, sell them to the clever Chinese who make things out of the minerals, cars for example, and then export them to Australia.

      Australia will have to get on the virus begging queue like many other countries.

  • It is a bit late to be earmarking money now, they will have to join the queue as most orders were made months ago before the drugs had finished being tested.

    Rich countries like the UK have ordered tens of millions from many companies knowing one of them would work eventually. Plus they are likely to have their own drug from Oxford University in the next few months.

    But Thailand does not need the drugs anyway as there have only been 60 people who have died of the virus, so why waste money?

    Unless as we all suspect the numbers are false.

    If a government is willing to spray chemicals at people currently demonstrating in Bangkok and a report today that six have been shot then a few lies regarding the virus must be easy to tell.

    • Actually we DON'T "all suspect the numbers are false".

      Those of us with either a working brain cell or fortunate enough to be here (or both) know that the numbers are correct, as confirmed not by mass testing which is notoriously inaccurate and prohibitively expensive but by the numbers NOT needing treatment at hospitals here, NOT having a temperature in the very basic but very cheap checks at the markets, 7-11, Big C or Lotus, NOT dying, and NOT testing positive in the targeted testing and testing of all those applying for or renewing work permits (only one case) and all those admitted to hospital.

      Odd that so many, like yourself, have missed all that ... or maybe NOT. :)

      • Issan john

        I was there in Phuket from January until the end of August 2020.

        I saw how they used to make us bunch up together as we went into Tesco and Makro as they took our temperatures with the Chineses made thermometers which I bet were really inaccurate.

        I saw in Central Shopping where they had a crazy system of making people bunch together and use lifts instead of the stairs.

        I saw how everyone was packed into small Tesco Express shops as some roads were blocked.

        There was no social distancing at all.

        Most people do not know anyone who had died in most countries even the ones with massive death rates plus there is very little testing in Thailand.

        I can't see it therefore it does not exist?

        I suppose you believe the government when they said the general election was nor rigged too.

        A lot of farangs living in Thailand seem to throw logic out of the window when they are there for some reason.

    • ... oh, and what alternative measures would you suggest the police take against protesters, that have been so successful and so low key in the West?

      Do tell ...

    • Premature to guess, but I'm 100% confident that it will be for those already here just as any other medical facilities are, either on a triage basis regardless of nationality in government hospitals (which has meant my being triaged to the front of the queue on two occasions, unfortunately, while I'm happy to join the queue on others) or on a rather more expensive 'first-pay, first-served' basis at international hospitals.

      I'm sure it will be as routine here as tetanus jabs, and it will be a basic requirement for anyone travelling across borders - the anti-vaccers will just have to stay at home.

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