Second-deadliest Ebola outbreak officially over

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After no new cases were reported for 42 days, the world’s second-deadliest Ebola outbreak has been declared officially over.

16,000 frontline workers in The Democratic Republic of Congo have battled against the country’s tenth outbreak for almost two years with a World Health Organisation official saying it was like a mission impossible as more than 2,200 lives were lost.

The feat was also troubled by the community’s distrust and continued violence in the Congo’s northeastern provinces with more problems on the horizon as an 11th outbreak is reportedly underway in the western region.

Ebola isn’t the only threat to the Congo’s people as authorities are also dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. However, a WHO official says many lessons could be learned from the Ebola fight that can be used towards battling Covid-19.

As with many places around the world, the need to engage and work with affected communities to be knowledgeable and empowered to play different roles is paramount.


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