Phuket restrictions to stay in place until at least the end of the month, exemptions apply

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Phuket’s restrictions will stay in place until at least the end of the month. This includes closing off the island to visitors, with exceptions. This move is in response to the rising Covid cases in the region.

The exception to the rule is Phuket residents and visitors associated with the “Sandbox” scheme. Also, people who have had 2 doses of Sinovac or at least 1 dose of AstraZeneca/Pfizer/Moderna/Johnson & Johnson 14 days before getting to Phuket. Yet another exception is people who have recovered from Covid in the last 90 days.

Travellers will have to show a negative RT-PCR/Antigen test that was taken within 72 hours.

There is also an exception for children younger than 6 years old. This population can enter Phuket if they are accompanied by a guardian who fulfils the requirements. Children between the ages of 6 and 17 have to show a negative RT-PCR/Antigen test that is younger than 72 hours old. Students that are less than 18 years old, who must enter Phuket for school need to have a student ID and take an RT-PCR test.

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There are 12 more exemptions

1) Ambulance patients and lifeguards

2) People transporting drugs, “materials”, medical supplies, or medical chemicals

3) People transporting consumer goods, agricultural products, livestock, or animal feed

4) People transporting cooking fuel

5) People transporting materials for banks/financial institutions

6) People transporting parcels or “publications”

7) People who need to travel through international channels such as Phuket International Airport. However, they need to have a ticket of the travel date

8) People who have been ordered or have a written assignment from the agency to perform duties in the prevention and control of diseases in Phuket

9) People who have been ordered by government agencies to go or perform urgent “missions” in Phuket

10) People who have court appointments/court business

11) People transporting construction materials, machinery and spare parts used for maintenance… But only if the materials are used in the implementation of projects to solve the flood problem. . . Or projects of the state, state enterprises, other government agencies in solving problems of people’s troubles or in case of urgent need

12) Further, any cases that have “practical problems” that must be diagnosed and ordered. The incident commander at the Phuket checkpoint shall have the authority to review these “practical problems” on a case by case basis.

Yesterday, Phuket announced it had more than 100 new Covid cases.

SOURCE: The Phuket News Thai PBS

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