Bangkok City Hall allows 10 more types of business to reopen


The Bangkok Municipal Administration, aka. City Hall confirms that more businesses in the city will be allowed to reopen today, including most shops at malls, in keeping with the second phase of the nationwide relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions.

A BMA spokesman says its communicable disease control committee had eased restrictions on 10 business types. The businesses allowed to reopen are…

  • Shopping centres, restaurants and beverage shops
  • Other shops at malls, excluding movie theatres, game shops, bowling alleys, coin-operated game machines, tutorial classes and amulet shops
  • Day-care nursing homes for the elderly
  • Outdoor film and video shooting teams, which must maintain social distancing and limit the number of people to 10 cast and 50 behind the scenes.
  • Meeting rooms, hotels and conference centres, which may hold meetings up to 50 people each and participants must be from the same organisation or company.
  • Clinics, beauty centres and nail salons can offer all services, except anything to do with the face such as botox or pimple piercing.
  • Fitness centres outside malls, such as yoga studios, may reopen. Each person can exercise for no more than two hours at a time.
  • Indoor exercise, including gyms and non-contact sports such as badminton, squash, fencing and climbing, but with no spectators.
  • Public swimming pools inside and outside condominiums. The time limit for each person is two hours. Swimming lessons are not allowed.
  • Botanical gardens, flower gardens, libraries and arts centres, which must arrange queues and rounds. No video shows for audiences can be presented.

City Hall says the operators of all businesses and facilities must adhere to disease control measures and social distancing.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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