Bangkok Bang Sue scam under investigation, 7 volunteers and counting to be questioned

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7 Bangkok Bang Sue Grand Station volunteers are currently under investigation for a suspected scam. However, Amnat Traipot, the commander of the railway police said today that even more people are suspected of being involved with the scam. The Bang Sue scam was reported to the police yesterday by officials from the Department of Medical Services. Reportedly, the volunteers would make reservations for people when the facility was closed.

Amnat says multiple people will be summoned for questioning, such as people who did not personally register themselves but retained the services of volunteers at a cost of 400 to 1,200 baht a person, and that they accepted cash or a money transfer.

The director of the vaccination facility, Dr Mingkwan Vichaidith spoke of the Bang Sue scam saying officials first noticed something was amiss in the registration system last week when additional reservations appeared after the facility closed. Additional poking around into the matter revealed 2 volunteers had made the registrations for around 2,000 people through the True mobile phone system during off hours, says Dr Mingkwan. The doctor adds that there is evidence of money changing hands via money transfers that incriminates 4 volunteers.

The doctor says people should register by themselves and to avoid scams like this where con artists/volunteers ask for money to get you a vaccination reservation.

It has been reported on social media that there are large crowds at the Bang Sue site, but the Health Minister cleared up the matter by saying it was just an issue of “camera angles or whatever”. The health minister has yet to address this Bang Sue scam, or the other issues it was riddled with today including online registrations opening 2 hours late, the 18-59 age group quota quickly filling up, and a variety of other, unspecified problems.


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