Australia extends its lockdown

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Australia has extended its own lockdown and social distancing measures to further parts of the country, today. 4 major cities are currently under a strict lockdown in an attempt to halt the outbreak of the more contagious Delta variant.

About 1 in 2 Australians are already stuck under stay at home orders. Millions of other inhabitants have to adhere to movement curbs and mandatory mask wearing as Covid outbreaks continue to crop up in different locations.

Over 5 million residents of greater Sydney, a city on Australia’s east coast, are subject to a 2 week lockdown that expires July 9. New South Wales announced it had 22 new locally transmitted cases of Covid today as well. It connected the cases to prior infections.

This represents a minor increase from the past 2 days, but falls below the high of the current outbreak of 30 new infections that was announced on Sunday.

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Further, the total of new locally transmitted cases now stands at 170 since the 1st infection was found 2 week ago by a limousine driver who had driven an overseas airline crew. New South Wales is reported to be the hardest hit state or territory of Australia’s current outbreak.

Other areas that also went into lockdown today are the citizens of the outback town of Alice Springs, which is the entrance point to the UNESCO World Heritage listed Uluru. Government officials declared a stay at home order for the town after a possibly infected traveller had used the airport.

Meanwhile, South Australia announced its 1st locally transmitted case of covid for 2021, albeit it opted out of a full lockdown as they consider the danger was suppressed.

SOURCE: Reuters

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