Thailand Video News | Violent altercation between Pattaya security guards and British tourists, Senate elections to move forward despite complications

In this Thailand video news, Alex and Jay delve into a variety of compelling stories from across the country. Beginning with a violent altercation in Pattaya, where security guards brutally attacked two foreign tourists over an unpaid bill, followed by a crackdown on reckless motorcycle riders in Koh Samui. In Phuket, police shut down an illegal pawn operation run by a Belgian expat, while preparations continue for the upcoming Thai senate elections despite some logistical challenges. The show also covers a major raid on a Pattaya pub resulting in numerous drug-related arrests, the safe recovery of a missing Thai woman in Switzerland, and the surrender of Myanmar junta soldiers to Thai authorities amid ongoing regional conflicts.

Thai security guards brutally attacking two foreign tourists in Pattaya

Violent altercation between tourists and security guards in Pattaya On May 26, 2024, a Facebook user named “Nui voice AnyWay” posted videos of Thai security guards brutally attacking two foreign tourists at a Pattaya beer bar. The tourists, accused of refusing to pay a 2,800 baht bill and behaving aggressively, were beaten until one passed out. Despite attempts by bystanders to stop the violence, the guards continued their assault. Police are investigating the incident, gathering evidence and questioning the guards and victims. The tourists have not filed complaints yet.


Koh Samui motorcycle hooligans

Two foreign nationals were arrested on Koh Samui after turning the road to Choengmon Beach into a racetrack with loud, high-speed motorcycles. Locals, frustrated by the noise and safety threats, reported the issue to Bophut Police. Residents captured video evidence, including one biker making an obscene gesture. This led Police Colonel Denduang Thingsrisook to set up a successful checkpoint near Chaweng Beach. The bikes, rented from Phuket, had unauthorised modifications. The community praised the police for their swift response.


Phuket Belgian illegal pawn operation

In Phuket, police uncovered an illegal pawn operation at the residence of a 63-year-old Belgian expat named Philippe. Authorities, led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Thepnom Suwannarat, discovered 13 motorcycles, a mobile phone, and 15 national IDs in his Moo 7, Rawai home. Philippe faced charges for operating an unlicensed pawn shop and conducting personal loans without permission. Violating the Pawn Shop Act of 1962 and the Financial Institution Business Act of 2008, his activities disregarded Thailand’s strict loan interest rate limits. Philippe and the evidence were taken to Chalong Police Station for further action.


Senate elections in Thailand

The upcoming senatorial election in Thailand will proceed despite issues in some districts, according to Election Commission (EC) Secretary-General Sawaeng Boonmee. Two districts lack applicants, and seven districts have candidates from only one of the 20 eligible occupational groups. Despite these challenges, Sawaeng assured the election’s continuity, citing senatorial election law clauses. Out of 48,226 applicants, 48,117 were registered pending qualification checks, with 109 rejected. Concerns about election tampering are being monitored, and the EC is reviewing a court ruling that affects campaign regulations. The election, crucial for Thailand’s political landscape, starts June 9 and involves a multi-round voting process.


Raid on Pattaya pub yields over 200 positive drug tests

Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaised led a raid on an illegal pub in Pattaya’s Soi Kor Pai early this morning, resulting in 219 customers testing positive for drugs. Responding to neighbor complaints about noise, late hours, and drug abuse, officials found around 300 young patrons. The raid revealed many narcotics scattered around and two handguns in a customer’s car. Authorities detained those who tested positive and charged the pub owner with operating without a permit and selling liquor beyond permitted hours.


Missing Thai woman found safe

Nantiwa Saejiw, a 32-year-old Thai woman who went missing in Switzerland nearly a month ago, has been found safe, the Thai embassy in Bern confirmed. Nantiwa, who traveled on a Swedish passport with her American boyfriend, lost contact with her family on April 26. The embassy launched a search after her family raised concerns due to her medical condition. Social media played a significant role in the search. Swiss police eventually located Nantiwa and her boyfriend, both in good health. The embassy thanked everyone involved and stated no further updates would be provided.

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