More sea turtle eggs found in Phang Nga province | GMT

In Thailand, officials are looking to promote Muslimfriendly tourism, while a new bill is being proposed to legalise sex work. In a related incident, police have arrested twodoctors who were operating two clinics without licenses. Meanwhile, sea turtle eggs continue to be found across Phang Nga.

These topics and more will be discussed on the latest episode of the talkshow. The episode will feature a discussion with Thai officials about the efforts to promote Muslimfriendly tourism and the potential implications of the proposed bill to legalise sex work. It will also cover the arrests of the twodoctors and the continued presence of sea turtle eggs in Phang Nga.

The talkshow will provide a platform for the audience to gain insight into the current issues in Thailand and to learn more about the potential solutions and implications of the proposed bill. Tune in to the talkshow to stay informed and to join the conversation.

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