Police arrest 2 “doctors” at 2 clinics without licenses

PHOTO: Two men were busted at two different clinics working as doctors without a license. (via BKK Post)

Some things you might be able to fake without a proper license but two men were arrested for allegedly working as doctors without licenses in Bangkok and Pathum Thani. Their clinics were raided by Consumer Protection Police Division (CPPD) yesterday.

The first clinic, located in the Lat Krabang district of Bangkok, was busted for operating without a permit. The clinic is on Rat Pattana road at the Kheha Romklao housing estate.

There, officials found a 51 year old man examining patients. A check uncovered that this supposed medical doctor did not have a practitioner’s license. Under interrogation, he admitted that he had gone abroad to study medicine but never graduated.

He said though that he did have 13 years of experience working at a hospital, which he was apparently using as the basis for his medical expertise. Three months ago he opened the unpermitted clinic and began practising medicine without a license.

The false doctor has been charged with working as a medical practitioner without a license and opening a clinic without a permit.

The second clinic busted for illegal operations is located in the Bangkok suburb province of Pathum Thani. Located in the Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate on Soi Thai Thanee 6, Khlong Luang district, investigators found that this clinic did seem to be permitted at least.

However, CPPD police found that the 36 year old doctor treating patients was not licensed. Like the phoney doctor in the first clinic, he did have some medical experience he used to imitate being a medical professional. But this man claimed to have graduated with a degree in medicine in another country.

He had been employed at a state hospital as an intern while waiting to take a test to become a licensed doctor. But in the meantime, he worked at the clinic despite not having received a practitioner’s license.

The second fake doctor was arrested and charged with practising medicine without a license.

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Neill Fronde

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