Must see Chaiyaphum: Waterfalls, parks, and cultural sites

Phu Laen Kha National Park

Chaiyaphum is an often-overlooked province that boasts spectacular natural attractions and rich cultural heritage. Its treasures, such as the Tat Ton National Park, feature multiple stunning waterfalls. Visitors can marvel at Namtok Tat Ton, Namtok Tat Fa, and Namtok Pha Iang, each offering unique scenic beauty. The park also houses the Chaopho Tat Ton Pu Duang Shrine, a revered site for locals.

Explore Chaiyaphum

Chaiyaphum offers a diverse range of attractions that cater to different interests. Tat Ton National Park is a prime spot with its stunning waterfalls like Namtok Tat Ton, Namtok Tat Fa, and Namtok Pha Iang. These waterfalls present both picturesque views and refreshing swimming spots. Visitors also find the Chaopho Tat Ton Pu Duang Shrine at Namtok Tat Ton, a significant cultural site revered by locals and visitors alike.

Phu Laen Kha National Park provides unique geological features. The Hin Rong Kla Viewpoint boasts a large rock terrace with numerous cracks, offering a dramatic landscape. Pa Hin Prasat Viewpoint, shaped like a castle, and Pratu Khlong, a natural rock archway, add to the park’s allure. The park’s mix of rock formations and deciduous dipterocarp forest creates an intriguing environment for exploration.

Must see Chaiyaphum

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Pa Hin Ngam National Park

Pa Hin Ngam National Park
PHOTO: Duangporn Phulsuksombati, Google Maps

Pa Hin Ngam National Park, located in Chaiyaphum, delights nature enthusiasts. Famous for its stunning rock formations, this park draws visitors year-round. One of the main attractions is the vast field of Dok Krachiao, or Siam Tulips, which bloom magnificently during the rainy season, particularly in June. These pink wildflowers carpet the forest floors, creating a mesmerising spectacle.

The park also features unique sandstone pillars, including the well-known “Lan Hin Ngam” or “Beautiful Rock Field.” These formations have been naturally sculpted over millions of years. They offer ideal spots for photography and leisurely walks.

Hiking trails in the area provide opportunities for exploration and adventure. With paths suitable for varying fitness levels, everyone can enjoy the park. Additionally, a viewpoint at the top of the trails offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Visitors can find amenities such as camping sites and basic facilities within the park. As a popular local spot, it’s less frequented by international tourists, providing a serene environment. Those seeking peace and proximity to nature will find Pa Hin Ngam National Park in Chaiyaphum an ideal destination.

Pha Hum Hod

Pha Hum Hod
PHOTO: Paitoon Pisuttisuwan Google Maps

Pha Hum Hod, a cliff in Chaiyaphum province, stands out for its dramatic views. Located in Pa Hin Ngam National Park, this spot offers visitors breathtaking scenes, especially at sunrise and sunset. The name “Pha Hum Hod” translates to “Spirit-Leaping Cliff,” hinting at its thrilling vantage point.

Hiking to Pha Hum Hod involves a moderate trek. Visitors traverse through lush forests and rocky paths, experiencing nature’s calm along the way. Signs guide the route, ensuring an accessible journey for most visitors.

On reaching the cliff, the view is expansive. Vast landscapes stretch as far as the eye can see, with verdant forests and distant mountains. It’s a perfect spot for photography and quiet reflection.

Safety rails and designated viewing areas help keep the experience safe but still thrilling. The park’s infrastructure supports visitor safety without diminishing the natural beauty. Visiting Pha Hum Hod provides an invigorating way to appreciate the rugged splendour of Chaiyaphum province.

Mor Hin Khao

Mor Hin Khao
PHOTO: Dararat Lamlert, Google Maps

Mor Hin Khao, often dubbed as the “Stonehenge of Thailand,” is a unique attraction in Chaiyaphum. This site features five imposing stone pillars standing tall on flat terrain. Located not far from Tat Ton Waterfall, it’s an ideal addition to a nature-filled itinerary.

Beyond the main pillars, several smaller stone formations provide additional points of interest. These smaller formations usually have fewer visitors, offering a more peaceful experience. The area also includes a camping ground where visitors can rent equipment at affordable prices, making it a suitable choice for those keen on nature and local culture.

Noteworthy for its geological formations, Mor Hin Khao provides a striking contrast to the lush green surroundings, making it an excellent spot for photography enthusiasts. It’s an integral part of Chaiyaphum’s natural attractions, combining unique rock formations with untouched landscapes for a memorable visit.

Chulabhorn Dam

Chulabhorn Dam
PHOTO: Boonchai CS, Google Maps

Chulabhorn Dam, nestled within Chaiyaphum province, offers diverse attractions that appeal to nature lovers and those seeking tranquillity. The bay surrounds Chulabhorn Dam, a significant local landmark.

The Replica of Phra Phutthasiri Sakkharat (Luangpho Chet Kasat) resides on the dam’s left side. This revered Buddha image attracts numerous visitors year-round. The serene atmosphere adds to the spiritual experience.

Chulabhorn Dam’s Park spans 41 rai and functions as a preserved forest. Visitors can see varied plant species while exploring. Sala Phrom Phitsamai, a pavilion within the park, provides a peaceful spot for relaxation. The paths are paved with natural stones, making the area ideal for leisurely walks.

Tat Ton Waterfall

Tak Ton Waterfall
PHOTO: Soontaree Janbua, Google Maps

Tat Ton Waterfall is the star attraction in Tat Ton National Park in Chaiyaphum province. It’s a major draw for its scenic beauty. This park is renowned for its stunning waterfalls, with Tat Ton Waterfall being the most famous. The waterfall cascades down rocky cliffs, creating an idyllic setting that captivates visitors.

Close to the waterfall is the Chaopho Tat Ton Pu Duang Shrine. It’s revered by locals and visitors from nearby provinces. This spiritual site adds a cultural facet to the natural beauty, making the visit even more enriching.

Tat Ton Waterfall won Thailand Tourism Awards in 2013, 2015, and 2017 for its exemplary natural and eco-tourism. These accolades underscore its prominence in Chaiyaphum as a must-visit destination.

Exploring Namtok Tat Ton enriches any journey to Chaiyaphum, offering both breathtaking nature and cultural depth.

Phu Laen Kha National Park

Phu Laen Kha National Park
PHOTO: Wattana Kongsankum, Google Maps

Phu Laen Kha National Park in Chaiyaphum boasts striking geological features. One standout attraction is Hin Rong Kla Viewpoint, a vast rock terrace with numerous cracks. The park’s altitude ranges between 700 and 800 metres above sea level.

Pa Hin Prasat Viewpoint showcases a rock formation resembling a castle. Visitors will find Pratu Khlong, a natural rock archway, and unique rock formations throughout the park. Deciduous dipterocarp forests surround these geological wonders.

Another highlight is Mo Hin Khao, known as Thailand’s Stonehenge. It features five large white sandstone pillars. These pillars, aged between 195-175 million years, were shaped by shifts in the Earth’s plates over millions of years. The Department of Mineral Resources and Chaiyaphum province confirmed this in a 2002 survey.

Phu Laen Kha’s diverse terrain includes Pha Hua Nak Viewpoint, offering breathtaking views. Visitors can explore large rock piles that resemble gates and platforms. Each formation provides unique photo opportunities and makes Phu Laen Kha a must-see in Chaiyaphum.

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