Ari All Link is a must-attend skill-up workshop for Ari people

On November 19, four girls from Srinakharinwirot University collaborated with Ari Around to organize a workshop under the name Ari All Link at Pizza Pazza, Soi Phahon Yothin 11.

Ari All Link is a group of students who organize workshops in Ari that are organized in collaboration with Ari Around. Art workshops, crafts, sewing, embroidery, desserts, candles, soaps, and fragrances are all available. Ari All Link is a representative of the workshops, which didn’t seek profit but allowed people in the Ari community or people who wanted to join the workshops to participate and get to know each other better. Unlike other workshops, Ari All Link’s workshops focus on working together because we want people to participate and help each other as much as possible.

On November 19, Ari-All Link organized a brownie-making workshop. which is limited to only 10 participants and has an entry fee of 550 baht per person, which can be used with Ari Coin as a discount for 100 baht as well.

If anyone has made fudge brownies but it appears that they were not done correctly, you can find answers here!There is a suggestion to begin with the detailed process of making it and teaching how to choose raw materials and tips for fudge brownies.

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We have attended Ari All Link’s workshop, which has the following details:

1. Register for the workshop via a Google Form.

2. On the workshop day, you can inform us of the registered name. And for those who have Ari Coins, they can be used as a discount by scanning the QR Code at the attendee registration point at the event.

3. Participate in the workshop; the instructor will prepare the equipment and all raw materials. We don’t have to prepare anything.

4. Listen to the speaker introduce the raw materials that should be used to make fudge brownies and follow the step-by-step brownie-making process. There will be a team from Ari All Link to help teach and take care of each step.

5. After completing all the steps, there will be a break during baking. Everyone can go to the bathroom, eat snacks, or do their things as they please. Or if you have questions, you can ask the instructor or the Ari All Link team.

6. After finishing baking, everyone will get their own fudge brownies.

7. Finally, the Ari All Link team will ask everyone to complete a questionnaire after attending the workshop, which will be used as information for the theses of Srinakharinwirot University students.

For anyone who missed this event, don’t worry because this is only the first workshop of this project. If you don’t want to miss a great workshop like this again, you can follow the news of the next workshop at


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Ari All Link is a must-attend skill-up workshop for Ari people | News by Thaiger

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