“Meute” House/Techno marching band at Wonderfruit

PHOTO: Steffi Rettinger

Just drums and brass, that’s all they need.

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany this modern take on the marching band concept is comprised of eleven musicians and, boy, are they good! With their iconic red jackets this group dares to rearrange house and techno music to bring it to the street. Started in 2015 by trumpet player Thomas Burhorn, this group has been taking over the web as more and more footage of their performances have spread throughout the internet. 

It’s the brass that does it, providing a big, enveloping sound its hard for their spectators to stand still. As they themselves dance to their music with their faces a weird mix of passion, joy and puffed up cheeks. We are excited to see more from this group as they keep growing.

Keep an eye out for them at Wonderfruit’s solar stage this weekend in Pattaya.

In the meantime watch this…

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