Iconic “Goonies” house on sale in Oregon

The Victorian home featured in the film “The Goonies” is on sale in Astoria, Oregon. Buyers are said to be planning to make the iconic house accessible to fans of the classic movie. The 1896 home with majestic views of the Columbia River flowing into the Pacific Ocean has an asking price of US$1.7 million (60 million baht).

Iconic “Goonies” house on sale in Oregon | News by Thaiger
Astoria and its rugged coastline served as the backdrop for several well-known films from the 1980s and ’90s, including “Kindergarten Cop” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Realtor Jordan Miller said…

“We have a few interested parties right now. It seems to be everybody’s intention to be able to open up the house a little bit more and have more access.”

Since the Spielberg movie debuted in 1985, fans have been drawn to the house in northwestern Oregon. The city of Astoria celebrates Goonies Day on June 7, the film’s release date, and welcomes thousands to the event every year.

Owner Sandi Preston welcomed visitors but lived in the house full time. The crowds were often a strain. When 30th-anniversary crowds reached 1,500 a day in 2015, Preston posted “no trespassing” signs.

In the coming-of-age film, a group of friends fight to protect their homes from an expanding country club. When they find an old treasure map, the adventure begins.

Potential buyers don’t seem to want to live in the house, said Miller.


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