Cops blame publicity-seeker Arisa for “Four Brothers” gambling ring fiasco

While everyone watched the star's FB page, the bad guys made their getaway.

Police are currently busting the macau888 gambling website and are seeking 12 more suspected members of the “Four Brothers” gambling ring after making the first arrest on Friday.

Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) commissioner Pol Lt-General Worawat Watnakornbancha said on Saturday that police are hunting 12 remaining suspects, though some may have fled overseas.

Natthapong Rachinla, 28, “Zico” was arrested at his condominium in the northeast province of Udon Thani on Friday for being accused of being in charge of the platform’s financial affairs. The house contained thousands of football gambling slips and underground lottery bets, as well as details of macau888’s customers. Natthaphong ran the network’s finances.

The CCIB chief would not confirm if the suspects included any of the “Four Brothers” gambling ring accused by actor Arisara “Due” Thongborisut of running macau888. He only said that the suspects has escaped thanks to the actors publicity-seeking adventures on social media.

The operation came about after a Facebook post by Arisara on January 15. In her post. In the post, she alleged that macau888 was run by “four brothers.” One of the four was said to be her ex-boyfriend, “Benz Daemon.”

The actor, who is a close friend of firebrand MP Thamanat Prompow of the Setthakij Thai Party, flew to Taiwan with her family after making the post.

Worawat chaired a meeting with police investigators at CCIB headquarters on Saturday afternoon, and after the meeting, he told reporters that the police have more raids in the offing and evidence against the suspects is compelling.

Worawat said…

“Police will try every means to get the suspects even if they are living abroad”

Worawat was not slow to blame the macau888 fiasco at the door of Arisara. He dismissed allegations that some police officers were instrumental in the suspects’ escape, reiterating that they fled only after the actor’s “accusations.”

Some of the “Four Brothers” gambling ring suspects are reportedly in Hong Kong.


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