5 Thai LGBTQ+ movies to watch during Pride Month 2022

June is International Pride Month in Thailand and it is celebrated in a variety of ways. While some of the LGBTQ+ community like to get out and celebrate their sexuality ostentatiously waving rainbow flags around the streets of the metropolis, others prefer to stay at home and relax. But whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert The Thaiger has compiled a selection of some of the best Thai LGBTQ+ movies for you to watch in the comfort of your own home.

Tine is just another good looking college student and cheerleader, whereas Sarawat is one of the most popular boys on campus and a member of the football and music clubs. But when Tine is followed by Green, for whom he has no affection for, he begs Sarawat to set up a pretend date with him to push Green away.

Playing pretend slowly turns into reality. But, before the two can get to the “happily ever after” stage, the pair have realise their feelings for each other are real, not fake. 2gether is a fun Thai rom-com that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Love Mechanics
Mark is an engineering student who fancies his friend Bar. But after admitting his affection, Mark’s feelings are brushed away. Feeling devastated, Mark goes to an ale house to compress his feelings by getting drunk where he bumps into his heterosexual friend Vee, a senior and a mutual engineering faculty acquaintance. Vee is worried about his drunken freshman friend and takes care of him all night. Unable to help his friend’s suffering, Vee surprises Mark with a kiss.

Both students feel embarrassed by what happened the following day. Vee doesn’t want his girlfriend to know what happened, so he asks Mark to keep it a secret. Still hurt about the rejection, Mark tries to stay away Vee, who constantly visits him.

Later, Mark runs into Bar and his new boyfriend one night, and it upsets him, despite telling himself he has moved on. Mark tries to forget about everything and goes out for drinks with his mates, but when he arrives at the pub he recognises a familiar face.

Dark Blue Kiss
The story of Kao, Pete, Sun, and Mork continues from Kiss Me Again, and The Kiss Series.

The connection between Kao and Pete has become stronger, but they continue to keep it hidden from the public. Kao is secretly gay, and the fear of his mom finding out weighs heavily on him and his relationship. Meanwhile, Kao’s mom introduces him to Non, her boss’s son, a pupil who needs Kao’s help. Pete instantly becomes jealous when Non expresses an interest in Kao.

Sun has started to let go of his unrequited love with Kao, and Mork appears to be around a lot more now. While Sun tries to persuade Rain to keep clear of Mork, the latter’s erratic behaviour draws him in. Mork is comforted by Sun’s devotion and, despite their frequent problems, the two begin to develop feelings for one another.

Tell the World I Love You
Keng is a young child who moved away from his hometown to study in Bangkok and now lives with a friend called Tai. Keng’s goal is to continue his studies in China and intends to find his lost mom. However, his life begins to change and unfold in an unexpected way. He needs to save Boang, a drug delivery driver, from being ambushed by a band of thugs.

Following the event, the group of thugs have been tormenting the two because they believe Keng and Boang are hiding expensive drugs. As a result, Keng is forced to flee his house and live with Boang in a remote location. They begin to understand one another from that day forward, and a story of friendship and love between two teens is formed.

For the past 13 years, Phoon, a finance and investment manager, and Yuke, a graphic illustrator, have been in a committed relationship. Butr, an abandoned kid, was adopted by the gay couple from being a newborn. But when Butr is sent to school, countless problems arise. A number of parents have growing concerns about a child from a gay couple being taught in the same school as their kids. On top of that, several other students are constantly teasing Butr’s circumstances and Phoon and Yuke are forced to make a number of difficult choices.

To make matters worse, Rattiya, a social worker with the Children’s Rights Protection Organization, gets involved, challenging Butr’s decision to live in a home without a female presence. Rattiya even tracks down his biological mother, who now wants to be a part of his life. After Phoon sends Butr over to live with his biological mom and her boyfriend, it causes the relationship between Phoon and Yuke to fade.



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