How to do Marketing and Advertising in Thailand? Top 7 Tips

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Are you curious about how to make your business thrive in the dynamic world of marketing and advertising in Thailand? Well, you’re definitely not alone! Countless marketers are grappling with the same question, eager to unlock the secrets of success.

The thing is, when it comes to marketing and advertising in Thailand, you can’t simply rely on the tried-and-true methods used elsewhere. It’s crucial to grasp the nuances that set Thai consumers apart from those in other regions. For example, it’s important to look into the top sources of brand discovery in Thailand, in order to know where and how to launch your campaigns.

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Luckily for you, we’ve got your back and we’re here to dish out the ultimate tips for triumphing in the Thailand market. In this article, we at AJ Marketing will be your guide, sharing 7 invaluable practices that can work wonders for your marketing and advertising efforts in Thailand. Brace yourself for a treasure trove of insights, clever tactics, and innovative advertising techniques that will become your trusty allies on the strategic battlefield.

So, let’s dive in and get ready to make your business the talk of the town among the Thai audience!

7 Tips for Marketing in Thailand:

  1. Do Your Homework: research your audience and build a connection
  2. Defeat the Language Barrier: understand your audience and make them understand you
  3. Ride the Wave of Digital Marketing: turn your business digital and ride with the emerging trend of online retailing
  4. Know Who They Trust: collaborate with personalities whom the Thai market already knows and trusts
  5. Find Your Perfect Match: choose the right influencer to represent your brand
  6. Always Dig Deeper: consider all aspects of the influencers’ personas, and look into Thailand’s political climate
  7. Find Yourself a Local Partner: having someone on the ground is key to succeeding in a foreign market

Tip #1: Do Your Homework

Research your audience and build a connection

advertising in Thailand

Ready to ignite your marketing and advertising campaign? Well, the first step is asking the right questions. How exactly do your services fit into the lives of the Thai population? How should you approach them? And most importantly, how can you keep them coming back for more?

As a seasoned marketer, you understand that the audience is everything. To truly succeed, you must delve deep into their lifestyle, culture, and mindset. You need to become a master of understanding their needs and desires. After all, your products and services won’t mean much unless they resonate with your audience. That’s why thorough research is an absolute must—and it has to be top-notch.

Take Grab, for example. Their marketing triumph in Thailand came down to a keen understanding of Thai music preferences. They dug deep to find out which musicians were all the rage and which songs were destined to become hits. Armed with this knowledge, Grab teamed up with BKN48 and achieved over 2.6 million views on YouTube. Impressive, right?

Once you grasp the essence of Thai culture, everything starts falling into place. Now, the burning question is: How can you effortlessly achieve this? We suggest partnering up with a local marketing agency. By teaming up with these experts who know the ins and outs of the Thai market, you’ll gain invaluable insights and guidance.

Tip #2: Defeat the Language Barrier

Understand your audience and make them understand you

advertising in Thailand

In the vibrant world of Thailand, where 97% of the population speaks Thai as their primary language, it’s essential to ensure that you’re understood by the largest chunk of the population to thrive in the local market. While the Thais do have a good grasp of English, it’s important to appreciate the nuances and preferences of their native language.

It’s not just about basic communication; to truly succeed, marketers and advertisers need to tap into the intricacies of Thai humour. By immersing yourself in the Thai language and comedy, you can take a deep dive into the realm of Thai social media, where authentic interactions and conversations with the local audience await.

Tip #3: Ride the Wave of Digital Marketing

Turn your business digital and ride with the emerging trend of online retailing

advertising in Thailand

In the vibrant realm of Thai social media, a unique and exciting trend has taken hold: Facebook live merchants. These ingenious individuals have become true influencers in their respective markets.

Selling through Facebook Live is like stepping into a virtual shop, where the merchants showcase products, describe their features and benefits, and await buyers’ comments stating which product they want to purchase. Behind the scenes, the camera team swiftly sends direct messages to buyers, allowing them to privately place their orders and provide delivery information.

What makes this experience so exhilarating? Well, with limited quantities available, buyers need to act fast to secure their desired products. It’s an online shopping frenzy that keeps everyone on their toes. In fact, data from 2023 reveals that more than 66% of Thai internet users actively search, visit, and make purchases on online e-commerce platforms.

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So, buckle up and embrace the world of Facebook live merchants, where virtual shop simulations and lightning-fast orders create an addictive online shopping experience.

Tip #4: Know Who They Trust

Collaborate with personalities whom the Thai market already knows and trusts

advertising in Thailand

In the vast realm of Thai social media, online strategies for businesses thrive like never before. Teaming up with Facebook influencers as live merchants is a game-changer for small businesses offering physical products, as they possess a massive following and can sell millions worth of products in hours.

For service-based businesses, Instagram influencers reign supreme, allowing you to showcase services and skyrocket your customer base. Influencer marketing in Thailand thrives thanks to the country’s “idol culture,” where fans trust their idols’ opinions and aspire to emulate their lifestyles. Anyone with a substantial social media following, like gamer “Ake Heartrocker” with 8.38 million subscribers on YouTube, can have a significant impact.

While challenges exist, partnering with a local agency like AJ Marketing swiftly resolves connection issues. So, buckle up and let influencer marketing in the vibrant realm of Thai social media propel your business to new heights.

Tip #5: Find Your Perfect Match

Choose the right influencer to represent your brand

advertising in Thailand

When it comes to marketing in Thailand, choosing the right influencer is key. It’s a common mistake for brands to partner with the wrong influencer, leading to a lack of effective connections with the target audience.

Imagine a beauty product brand targeting middle-aged women, but selecting a young male influencer as their product presenter. It would result in disconnect, confusion, and a waste of resources. While it may sound extreme, this example highlights the importance of finding the perfect match.

Selecting an influencer is no easy task. It requires understanding your audience, identifying who they trust, and ensuring that the chosen influencer aligns with your brand’s values. A mismatch can lead to lackluster or even disastrous results. Let’s take a lesson from the impressive 5G campaign by Advanced Info Service (AIS), Thailand’s largest GSM mobile phone operator in 2021.

Their strategy involved utilizing influencer marketing across TV ads, posters, and social media posts. What made this campaign truly remarkable was the inclusion of over 20 A-list Thai celebrities, including globally renowned Thai-born K-pop stars Bambam from Got7 and Lisa from BLACKPINK, who have an enormous fan base both in Thailand and around the world. AIS gained instant massive publicity by choosing influencers whose personalities perfectly matched their futuristic, boundary-breaking, and modern brand image.

Tip #6: Always Dig Deeper

Consider all aspects of the influencers’ personas, and look into Thailand’s political climate

How to do Marketing and Advertising in Thailand? Top 7 Tips | News by Thaiger

Choosing Thai influencers is a tricky task that goes beyond surface-level considerations. It’s not just about follower count and expertise; you also need to delve into their lifestyle and, most importantly, their political stance.

With Thailand’s political climate in conflict, people are divided into two sides, and influencers and consumers alike belong to either of these sides. Selecting an influencer from one side means potentially losing the audience from the other.

To navigate this delicate situation, you must first identify your target audience and understand how to navigate through the political turmoil. However, tackling this challenge alone can be problematic without local insight. That’s where a local marketing agency comes in. Trust the guidance of a local agency to help you make the right influencer choices and thrive in the intricate world of Thai marketing.

Tip #7: Find Yourself a Local Partner

Having someone on the ground is key to succeeding in a foreign market

How to do Marketing and Advertising in Thailand? Top 7 Tips | News by Thaiger

When it comes to achieving success in the Thai market, nothing beats the assistance of a local marketing and advertising agency. Speed, effectiveness, and seamless understanding of the Thai market can only be accomplished with the help of a trusted partner who already has the knowledge and experience.

If you’re ready to expand your business in Thailand, make sure to visit the AJ Marketing blog for valuable insights on the latest local market trends. With our guidance, you’ll be well-equipped to make waves and achieve remarkable success in the dynamic Thai market.


Marketing in Thailand can be a complex endeavour, but fear not! We at AJ Marketing have got your back with these seven invaluable tips for success in the Thai market. With local expertise, you’ll be equipped to navigate the hurdles and embark on a fruitful marketing journey. Get ready to conquer the vibrant world of Thai marketing with these insider tips!

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