Woman boards Hong Kong Uber in towel, changes while driver watches

PHOTO via HK01

A video of a female passenger in a Hong Kong Uber car has gone viral, sparking debate on whether the incident is staged. The woman, seen initially wearing only a towel, changes her clothes in the car and seemingly irritates the driver, resulting in several exchanges of words.

The clip’s duration is approximately five minutes and 52 seconds, showing the woman talking on her phone, wrapping herself in a towel before boarding the Hong Kong Uber. During the ride, she casually changes her clothes and even puts on her underwear, causing the driver to exclaim, “Oh, God!” Several viewers suspected the event may have been staged due to the woman’s extra theatrical behaviour and her occasional glances towards the camera.

“It’s okay, but you’re doing that, I can’t drive,” the driver tells the woman who questions why he cannot focus on driving instead of her actions. The driver proceeds to tell the passenger he wishes to be her boyfriend, and in exchange for this, will not charge her phone number for the trip. The woman declines his offer, but says she will contact him if she needs a ride in the future.

Neither the driver nor the passenger appears to be in Hong Kong, based on their dialect and accents. Some netizens praised the driver, calling him “a very lucky man,” while others criticised both individuals for their embarrassing actions and sharing the video online.

Nevertheless, several netizens questioned the authenticity of the video, suggesting it may have been staged since the woman’s cloth-changing process seemed exaggerated. Moreover, the fact that she entered the car wearing only a towel struck many viewers as unrealistic, fueling the suspicion that the whole incident was a setup.



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