What’s that wind smell like to you? Myanmar authorities blaze drugs valued at $670 mil US dollars

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Yesterday, Myanmar authorities set an assortment of drugs on fire throughout the country. The drugs were valued, collectively, at $670 million US dollars, or about 20,100,000,000 baht.

The Myanmar authorities blazed opium, heroin, and methamphetamine. Their narcotics suppression experts say drug syndicates have used ingenuity to get around Covid-19 travel restrictions and are still very much open for business.

There were also bags of greenish brown sacks of cannabis (e.g., marijuana, mary jane, dank or, occasionally, reefer) were also stacked at a compound in Yangon next to large bags of reddish pink pills (presumably methamphetamine), piles of heroin, heaps of ketamine, tramadol (an opioid), and ice (meth) were also set out on a pyre to be burned like a Viking funeral (minus the sacrificial slaves or animals).

224 million methamphetamine tablets also burned

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Other drug collections were burned in “ceremonies” in Mandalay, northern Mynamar and Taunggyi which is in the Shan State, says Myanmar’s anti-drug police.

Myanmar’s poppy-dotted hills have been cited as an ideal location for illegal drug labs.

Myanmar has long been part of the drug superhighway that is the Golden Triangle, comprised of Laos, Thailand, Myanmar. Earlier this month, the Thaiger wrote on the still thriving meth trade in Southeast Asia.

SOURCE: Chiang Rai Times

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