Walmart manager commits deadly shooting in US

Screen grab of the scene of the shooting.

A Walmart manager committed a deadly shooting in the US. The gunman, 31 year old Andre Bing, shot and killed six people and injured six others on Tuesday before turning the gun on himself. The incident happened in the break room of a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Survivors said the gunman walked into a break room and opened fire. One survivor, another Walmart employee, appeared on ABC News to recount the horrific shooting. The employee, Briana Tyler, said…

“The manager just came around the corner and literally just opened fire and started swaying his arm back and forth, he didn’t have a target, he wasn’t aiming for anybody specifically.”

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Tyler said that Bing had been “the supervisor that everybody warned everyone else about.” She said he was the supervisor most likely to have issues with others. But she never expected something like this to happen.

Co-workers said that Bing’s behaviour had been strange, and sometimes threatening in the past. He also made paranoid comments, expressing concerns the government was monitoring him, according to CNN interviews.

The victims killed were 43 year old Lorenzo Gamble, 38 year old Brian Pendleton, 52 year old Kellie Pyle, 70 year old Randall Blevins, 22 year old Tyneka Johnson, and a 16 year old boy whose identity has not been revealed.

In addition to his handgun, Bing also had multiple magazines with him.

US President Joe Biden called the shooting “yet another horrific and senseless act of violence,” noting a shooting this month that killed three University of Virginia students.

The US has a notorious problem with mass shootings. Last month, a school shooting in St. Louis killed two people and injured seven others. The two women who the gunman killed were student Alexzandria Bell, and health teacher Jean Kuczka, who died heroically protecting her students.

The latest horrific shooting at Walmart came just two days before the US’s Thanksgiving holiday, a day that revolves around spending time with family.

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