Vietnamese model Ngoc Trinh’s motorcycle stunt sparks safety concerns on social media (video)

Photo: Sanook

Vietnamese model and entrepreneur, Ngoc Trinh, stirred controversy on social media with a video clip of her doing a motorcycle stunt. Despite riding in a sparsely populated area, the model faces criticism for her hazardous manoeuvres, including lifting both hands off the handlebars and posing for the camera.

Ngoc Trinh, a well-known figure in Vietnam’s entertainment industry, has faced several social media dramas throughout her career.

Her recent post, featuring her riding a large motorcycle, has once again become a topic of discussion.

Initially, Trinh was apprehensive about riding motorcycles, fearing damage to her skin. However, after her friend’s advice and short-term training from professional motorcyclists, she decided to give it a try.

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The dangerous motorcycle stunt clip she posted, however, ignited intense anger on social media.

Despite riding in a relatively low populated area, she received criticism for her dangerous movements, posing, and even lifting both sides up or letting go of the vehicle’s control handle.


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Online users pointed out that Trinh, who commands a strong influence on social media with nearly seven million followers on her TikTok account, her motorcycle stunt posts could lead to risky imitations or following the trend, resulting in unnecessary accidents and dangers, reported Sanook. Some comments highlighted this concern.

“How many children will imitate you if you ride a motorbike without using your hands?”

“Don’t let go, it’s very dangerous.”

“Drive well, what if kids imitate you?”

“You can show off your body, but this is not safe on the road!”

“How can a celebrity post a clip driving like this?”

These comments echo a broader concern about the potential influence of celebrities’ actions on impressionable followers, particularly when those actions could lead to dangerous situations.

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