VIDEO: Student who threw eggs at British royals can’t carry eggs in public anymore

Patrick Thelwell.


The student who threw eggs at British royals on Wednesday has been legally banned from carrying eggs in public. The student and self-identified climate activist, 23 year old Patrick Thelwell, threw eggs at King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla during their visit to the northern city of York.

Video footage showed police pinning Thelwell to the ground after he had done the deed. Police arrested Thelwell “on suspicion of a public order offence during the Royal visit” North Yorkshire Police tweeted.

In a video interview, Thelwell told The York Mix his thoughts on King Charles.

“He’s the figurehead for an imperialist state that through its colonial activities murdered millions of people.”

Thelwell told another outlet, The Mirror, that throwing eggs at the royals had been “a protest against the state of this country and the descent into fascism.” He cited the firebombing of a refugee centre as one example of this.

Thelwell went on to say that King Charles III “dressed in stolen jewels” from India, Africa, and the colonies. He said that he did not believe in kings, but in the equality of all people.

Thelwell said he is now not allowed to be within 500 metres of King Charles and is not allowed to possess any eggs in a public place. He noted, however, that authorities had to alter this so that he could go grocery shopping.

Thelwell shared more details of the incident. The student activist said that people had ripped out chunks of his hair, and spit on him. He has now received death threats on social media.


In an explosive incident, a man has thrown eggs at British King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla. The 23 year old egg thrower hurled the eggs at the royal couple during their visit to the northern city of York yesterday.

A video of the incident shows eggs landing close to King Charles as he shook hands with city leaders at a welcoming ceremony. The egg thrower is said to have yelled that the country was built on the blood of slavery.

After throwing the eggs, the crowd quickly shouted at the man, condemning him for his actions. People screamed “Shame on you” and “God Save the King.”

Video footage then shows a crowd of police officers holding the egg thrower on the ground. The police then carry the man away through the packed crowd.

After the eggs were thrown, Charles and Camilla appeared to have kept calm. The two continued with the welcoming ceremony.

The egg thrower has been confirmed to be a student at the University of York. The university said it was “appalled” at the images, and would review the incident in line with its misconduct procedures, The York Press reported.

There have been some major controversies in the dialogue around the British royal family in the past year. This includes a discussion of the monarchy’s history of colonialism and rumours of racism.

Much of the conversation was instigated by an exclusive Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In the interview, Markle alleged that a member of the royal family had expressed concerns over how dark her child’s skin might be.

The things that the egg thrower reportedly shouted at Charles and Camilla appear to be part of the recent explosion of controversy around the British royal family.

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