Unlucky car smashed during fight between two lions

PHOTO: Two lions fighting crashed into an unlucky car. (via Instagram / Youkopi107)

You know that feeling when someone smashes into your car and you just KNOW they don’t have insurance? That was definitely the case for an unlucky car owner in Indonesia whose car got caught in the middle of a fight between two lions.

The incident took place in Taman Safari Indonesia II Park in Prigen, East Java. It’s a popular destination for tourists who want to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most majestic animals. But last month, things got too close as two male lions were caught on camera fighting and colliding with a city car.

According to Coconuts, visitors were driving through the lion enclosure when they stumbled upon a rare sight: two male lions fighting for dominance over the pride. As onlookers stopped their vehicles to observe the conflict, one red Toyota Yaris got caught in the middle of the action. A lion crashed into the car’s left rear lights, causing minor damage to the vehicle.

The incident recently went viral on social media. Park management later confirmed that the fight took place on January 22 and involved two male lions named Debo and Frans.

The two lions were vying for the title of alpha male in the pride. There are eight female lions in the pride, one of whom was reportedly in heat. Management stated that the lions were trying to prove their strength and dominance to win the affection of the female lion.

Both Debo and Frans were not hurt in the altercation, but the park didn’t confirm which of the two lions emerged as the alpha male.

The car’s owner took to social media to share a picture of the damage, and in good humour, stated that he forgives the fighting lions.

“This is what came out of the lions fighting. Honestly, I have no intention to seek compensation. I don’t even want to shake their paws.”

Unlucky car smashed during fight between two lions | News by Thaiger

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