Two Texas women who allegedly helped stab woman to death arrested in Cambodia

Two women who allegedly helped stab another women to death in Texas in 2020 were caught in Cambodia last week. They had fled to Cambodia after they escaped house arrest in December. The women are Nina Marano and Lisa Dykes. Marano is 50 years old, and Dykes is 58. The woman they allegedly helped murder, Marisela Botello-Valadez, was 23. One more suspect allegedly involved in the murder is a man named Charles Anothony Beltran, who is 32.

Investigators say Marisela had been visiting a friend in Dallas in October 2020. She had been visiting night clubs, and police say she was last seen leaving a night club with a man they believe was Beltran. Detectives found through phone records that Marano, Dykes, and Beltran were all with Botello-Valadez at the home of Dykes and Beltran on the last date Botello-Valadez was seen alive.

The detectives searched the house and found there were blood stains under the carpet, which had been cleaned. The blood matched Botello-Valadez’s. Botello-Valadez’s body was found in a wooded area in Texas five months later. Marano and Dykes posted $US 500,000 bonds to be let out on house arrest. They allegedly skipped the bonds. They then cut off their ankle monitors on Christmas Day, and escaped to Cambodia. Police realized they had fled in January.

Cambodian police worked with the FBI to find and arrest Marano and Dykes last week, although they haven’t revealed yet how they found the women. It is still unclear what the motive for the murder was.

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SOURCE: People Magazine | The Star

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