The “world’s dirtiest man” dies in Iran

Screen grab of Haji.

An Iranian villager dubbed the “world’s dirtiest man,died last week, several news outlets reported.

The man, 94 year old “Amu Haji,” or “Uncle Hajj” was known in his village in the southern Fars province for being a soap dodger. Until a few months ago, Haji hadn’t bathed in 67 years, over half a century. When other villagers took him to a river to try to bathe him, he jumped out of the car and ran away.

Haji reportedly believed that if he cleaned himself, he would get sick. The hermit lived between a hole in the ground and a brick shack that his worried neighbours had built for him. It has also been reported that Haji smoked pipes filled with animal manure, and ate uncooked porcupine roadkill.

However, experts who became interested in studying Haji’s health said that he had only one main health issue, trichinosis. Trichinosis is a food-borne disease caused by a parasite in uncooked meat.

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Neighbours said that Haji’s quirks were due to “emotional setbacks” when he was younger. Despite Haji’s bewildering lifestyle, he was reportedly worldly and knowledgable. He discussed the French and Russian revolutions with visitors, as well as various politicians.

Haji had said that even though his neighbours respected him, some people occasionally came to mock him and throw stones at him.

Haji’s neighbours were able to pressure him into washing a few months before he died, according to local media.

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