Beautiful Taiwanese woman’s struggle with Samoyed dog goes viral

A video went viral of a Taiwanese model struggling with her Samoyed dog. (via Lilly Brush)

The captivating video of a beautiful woman attempting to guide a Samoyed dog across the road has gone viral in Taiwan’s online world. The video was shared by a man on his Facebook group, revealing that he was on Jonghekgwongfu Road, New Taipei City around noon yesterday. The woman, having a hard time leading the large Samoyed across the zebra crossing, became the centre of attention.

The man who posted the video added a humerous captioned about the woman fighting her Samoyed dog, a popular medium-sized domesticated breed known for its tufts of thick white fur.

“Even though the light is green, if you don’t stop for pedestrians, you will be fined 6,000 Taiwan dollars (about 6,600 baht). Therefore, I watched her struggle with the dog attentively.”

In the 14-second clip, the attractive woman can be seen trying her best to coax the large Samoyed across the busy street. However, the stubborn dog was reluctant to cross, making the task quite an embarrassing public challenge.

Viewers were left entranced by the clip, not just because of the dog but also due to the woman’s beauty and sex appeal. Many men commented, questioning the location of this traffic light, some even jesting that they would wait for three traffic light cycles for her.

Others volunteered to guide the dog for her in order to chivalrously assist the woman in need of help.

Recently, some keen-eyed social media users identified the woman. They revealed that her name is Ren Yuzuan, and she is a model with a height of 175 centimetres. The woman is also a pet lover, owning a cat, a Samoyed dog, a pug and a Maine Coon at home. She routinely shares videos of her pets on social media.

Ren also shared the viral post on her Instagram after realising that she – and her cantankerous dog – had become famous online.

“I’m the person in the post. Many friends asked me about it, and it became news.”

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