Sabah police probe handling of woman’s case before ex-lover’s alleged murder

Sabah police are investigating potential breaches of standards in the handling of a case involving a woman who was later allegedly killed by her ex-lover at a shopping mall. Police commissioner Jauteh Dikun stated that if the investigation reveals any shortcomings, disciplinary action will be taken against the officers involved.

The family of Nurul Ain Silien, who was allegedly murdered by her ex-lover last month, expressed disappointment with the police’s handling of the case prior to her death. Nurul’s mother, Siti Aminah Jabar Khan, a Parti Warisan supreme council member, said they had lodged a report at the Alamesra police station on May 28, a day before her daughter was killed. The report was filed due to the 33-year-old former lover’s harassment and threats towards Nurul Ain, who wanted to end their relationship.

Siti Aminah claimed that the police did not take any action after the report was lodged, until her daughter’s death the following day. She has since filed another report at the Karamunsing police station, expressing dissatisfaction with the Alamesra police station’s lack of useful advice and failure to conduct an investigation within 24 hours of the initial report.

In response to these allegations, Police commissioner Jauteh Dikun said, “There was a police report lodged by the victim’s family, we will investigate what actions were taken in terms of the investigation. If the investigation did not meet the police standards, disciplinary action will be taken.”

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