Puteri Umno chief urges unity for political stability and Malaysia’s prosperity

Puteri Umno chief Nurul Amal Mohd Fauzi acknowledged today the need for her party to adapt to the current political landscape under the unity government led by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. Speaking to over 1,000 delegates at Umno’s Annual General Meeting, Nurul urged party members to broaden their perspective and accept the new political dynamic.

Nurul admitted that it took time for her and her party to understand their role in the unity government, questioning whether it was the best option for the party and the people. She highlighted the importance of unity in ensuring political stability in the federal administration, which in turn would contribute to the country’s prosperity.

Nurul Amal echoed Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s call for self-reflection, particularly after the party’s poor performance in the 15th general election. She stressed the need for party members to address issues constructively, rather than pointing fingers and urged them to engage in discussions to find solutions.

*“I call on all Puteri members, who are here, or who are watching at home, to broaden our perspective, or point of view regarding the unity government.“I admit, we needed time to digest, and understand what is the wisdom of our existence, in the unity government. Is this the best for us, the struggle of the party and the people?” she said.*

In a separate statement yesterday, Ahmad Zahid reminded party members that Umno was no longer the dominant political force in Malaysia. He emphasised the need for the party to be prepared to do the groundwork and capitalise on every opportunity that arises during state elections.

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