From self-doubt to success: UK plus-size model’s confidence journey pays off

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Captivating fans with her stunning looks and prominent bust, a 30 year old plus-size model from Newcastle in the United Kingdom, earns around 2 million baht per month. However, the self-confidence she radiates today wasn’t always present in the plus-size model.

Laura Morgan entered the modelling industry five years ago, inspired by her friend, Playboy model Nina Woolley. Morgan’s captivating photos quickly earned her thousands of Instagram followers. Yet, few knew that the busty Geordie girl had previously identified as a tomboy, often hiding her chest with loose clothes due to a lack of confidence in her natural curves.

Guided and advised by the skilful Wooley, Morgan began to embrace her body. The plus-size model started to present her bust proudly, and her confidence blossomed. Despite being a newcomer in the industry, she earned 40,000 pounds (1.78 million baht) in the first month of January 2022 alone. She acquired this staggering amount within a month through a popular website for adults that requires membership to view her sensual content.

“My body used to be very covered up. I had very little self-confidence. Woolley has been a huge inspiration to me. She would say, ‘Oh my God, you look amazing,’ and that really helped. And when I started posting pictures, my followers increased rapidly.

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“Now it’s great that girls message me saying they have bought the same top as me or dared to wear new styles because they no longer care. I think that’s really good and a key point in this.”

With a sprinkle of Woolley’s magic, Morgan’s self-assurance has soared to new heights! The plus-size model is on a mission to empower lasses with ample bosoms to not only celebrate their curves but also to adore themselves and take immense pride in their figures, just as she does. Here’s to body positivity and a resounding boost in self-esteem!

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