More than 5,000 refugees cross to Thai border as fighting intestifies in Myanmar

Myanmar refugees fleeing to Thai border as fighting intestines between the military and KNU forces. | Photo via Karen Free Man Facebook.

At least one civilian was killed and six others were injured in six airstrikes by the military junta that started on December 20 in the territory controlled by the Karen National Union’s 6th Brigade, forcing more than 5,000 people to flee their villages in Laykaykaw township.

As fighting intensified between the Myanmar military and Karan National Union over the past three days, they are seeking shelter in Thailand’s border district of Mae Sot in Tak province.

An official from Laykaykaw told local media DVB Burmese that the military council fired more than 100 artillery shells at Metta Lin Myaing village, south of Myawaddy town and Kyauk Lone Gyi, then fired two more planes from the air yesterday.

204 refugees have returned to Myanmar as of Sunday, while 5,180 refugees remain in Tak, including 5,028 in Mae Sot district and 152 in Phop Phra district.

To protect border safety, the Thai army has also increased security at the border with two V-150 armoured cars that have been sent by the 34th Border Patrol Police Division to assist border patrol officers.

Last week, the Karen National Union issued a statement calling on the United Nations and the international community to establish a no-fly zone over the Lay Kay Kaw area, where fighting is raging.

SOURCE: The Nation Thailand |Democratic Voice Burma

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