Massachusetts teen dies after attempting world’s spiciest chip challenge

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Tragic news involving a viral challenge has surfaced in the United States, as a 14 year old boy residing in Massachusetts succumbed to intense abdominal pain, eventually losing consciousness and passing away after attempting the popular One Chip Challenge. The globally trending challenge involved consuming the world’s spiciest potato chip.

Harris Wolobah, the unfortunate youngster, had tasted the spicy chip offered by a classmate. Following intense abdominal pain, he was picked up from school by his mother. He seemed to feel better after resting at home, but by the evening, he had lost consciousness and became unresponsive. Despite being rushed to the hospital, he could not be revived.

The company that produces these extremely spicy chips expressed their deepest condolences for Wolobah’s demise. Reiterating their commitment to maintaining food safety standards, they pointed out the warnings printed on the packaging, which many teenagers tend to ignore.

The company is working in collaboration with retailers to cautiously remove the chips from store shelves. However, it remains unclear if the production of these chips will be permanently discontinued, reported KhaoSod.

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Medical experts have warned that the tortilla chips, made from the world’s two spiciest chillies, could have severe, life-threatening side effects. They strongly advise parents to caution their children against participating in such challenges.

The chips in question, produced since 2016, are packaged in a coffin-shaped box adorned with a red skull and have a clear warning label. It says…

“These chips are not suitable for children or those sensitive to spicy food.”

The chips gained viral online attention after being advertised as “the spiciest in the world,” enticing online users to test their spice tolerance against the fiery snack.

In July, a woman in the US sued a Thai restaurant due to an intensely spicy dish, ‘dragon balls,’ which she claims is “unfit for human consumption” and is “dangerous to life.” The incident has sparked global controversy. To read more click HERE

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