Malaysia’s Economy Ministry targets 4,900 vending machines in two months

The Economy Ministry of Malaysia anticipates the acquisition of the remaining 4,900 vending machines aimed for this year under the People’s Income Initiative (IPR) programme to be finalised within the next two months. Rafizi Ramli, the Economy Minister, explained that the ministry is currently selecting and evaluating suitable applicants through an ongoing open procurement process.

“Our aim is also to ensure that these facilities are available in public places including hospitals. Usually, the demand for these low-priced ready meals is highest in public places such as campuses and hospitals,” Ramli said. He also mentioned that there are approximately 10,000 people waiting for vending machines. The first hundred machines have gone through the procurement process and will be completed this month.

Ramli shared this information with reporters after visiting the IPR vending machine site at the University of Malaya Medical Centre. The minister added that his ministry is going through the selection process for the procurement of the next 4,900 vending machines, aiming to achieve the target of approving 5,000 vending machines nationwide under this initiative.

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Lee Shuyi

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