Sangria-fuelled beach romp in Majorca leaves locals hot and bothered (video)

A randy semi-naked couple, fuelled on Sangria, let their inhibitions slide and engaged in a steamy romp on a Majorca beach, much to the fury of some local Spaniards.

Their amorous escapade was captured by a voyeur armed with a smartphone, who documented the moment furious locals discovered the lustful duo in the act on Playa de Palma beach, Majorca in Spain on Friday, July 7.

In the video, a woman wearing only a white top (without underwear) can be seen gyrating on top of another woman, while a couple of outraged locals approach the brazen couple.

The voyeur man can be heard saying…

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“They are two ladies, oh my God.”

Then, three women approach the woman having sex. One of the women angrily remonstrates with them, before taking off a flipflop and smacking the white bottom of the woman straddling her lover below. She continues to scream at the couple who remain lying on the sand.

“Leave this place! Get out of here, go to the hotel, get out of here.”

Sangria-fuelled beach romp in Majorca leaves locals hot and bothered (video) | News by Thaiger
An angry woman approaches the amorous couple having sex.

The couple appears unflustered by the drama despite the scolding as all three locals kick sand at them while they lie on the ground.

The second woman also told the couple to clear off before a third woman in a red dress joins in the shouting and kicking sand over the horny couple.

Finally, the commotion seems to have an effect, as the woman on top dismounts from her partner and adjusts her top. The trio of furious beach-goers continue to pelt sand at the couple while insisting that they leave the beach.

Seemingly irritated by the older women’s interventions, the couple sits up and appears prepared to depart. The Majorca Daily Bulletin reported that the video has gone viral among local residents, who claim that such incidents of tourists engaging in sexual activities near beach hammocks are a frequent occurrence. Watch the video HERE.

Sex on the beach is a common occurrence in Thailand, despite the intervention of the authorities. Read more about the amorous activities HERE.

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