Lamborghini’s electrifying road ahead: Supercars to go electric by 2028

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Luxury Italian auto manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini revealed its roadmap to electric transformation, aiming to electrify all of its supercar models by the year 2028. This significant shift comes as a strategic response to the global thrust towards mitigating climate change impacts, resulting in Lamborghini’s electrification.

The bold Lamborghini electrification transition is underpinned by ongoing research and technological developments at the company, as the carmaker throws its weight behind the global drive towards carbon neutrality and net-zero campaigns. Automobili Lamborghini’s regional director for Asia-Pacific, Francesco Scardaoni, has spoken about the company’s commitment to sustainability and its innovative strides in electric vehicle (EV) technology. Scardaoni said…

“The [global] automotive industry aims to develop new technology, notably EV technology because electric cars are environmentally friendly and emit no carbon dioxide.”

In its initial steps towards full electrification, Lamborghini will transition through the plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV) segment. The auto manufacturer recently unveiled the Revuelto – a super sports car that consolidates the company’s transition to the PHEV segment.

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Scardaoni elucidated the gradual transition of Lamborghini towards EVs.

He said…

“Thailand is one of our key markets in Southeast Asia. The new Revuelto sets the stage for an era of super sports car evolution in the hybridisation phase, and it is also a significant milestone for the brand as the company commemorates Lamborghini’s 60th anniversary.”

Acknowledging the high potential of the Thai market, Scardaoni also revealed that Lamborghini plans to roll out PHEVs across all its car models by 2025 for the international markets, and he expressed confidence that these innovative vehicle technologies will be embraced by customers, reported Bangkok Post.

The regional director also noted the swift recovery in the supercar segment after the easing of the pandemic, with demand seemingly stronger in the Asia-Pacific region. He revealed that the US is the leading market for Lamborghini cars, with other significant markets being China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and Thailand.

He said…

“Demand for supercars in Thailand is relatively high compared with those of its neighbouring countries. Thailand is one of the high-potential markets.”

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