Helicopter hoopla: Malaysian aviation authority probes surprise school landing

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The Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority launched an investigation into an incident where a helicopter landed in a school field in Shah Alam, Selangor, to drop off a student. The incident, caught on video, raised safety concerns and sparked criticism from the public and online communities.

The 15-minute video from the April 17 shows a white helicopter landing on the grass field of a school located in a residential area. A student then disembarks and enters the school before the helicopter takes off again. Authorities from Shah Alam Police District’s Internal Security and Public Order Department have referred the case to relevant agencies for further action amidst public outcry, with many arguing the act was dangerous and inappropriate, considering the school is in a populated zone and isn’t an area meant for helicopter landings.

Officer-in-charge of the Shah Alam Police District confirmed that the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia is looking into the incident. Various local news outlets reported that a resident had submitted the video to the police.

While it’s common for students to travel to school via bus or in their parent’s car, sometimes even being dropped off by luxurious vehicles, this particular incident involving a helicopter arrival has raised eyebrows and concerns in the community.

Last year, some Thai kids arriving at school on the back of an elephant caused quite a stir in the Tak province of northern Thailand.

It was the first day of nationwide on-site classes in Thai schools after almost two years of online, remote studying. To mark the occasion, parents from Baan Ya Por School in Phob Phra district organised for their children to ride to school on an elephant, KhaoSod reported.

Thai netizens loved the idea and some said that riding elephants to school is the perfect way to combat rising oil prices. Read more about the story HERE.

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