Girlfriend of Malaysian man with Covid-19 tests negative

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Thai health officials are tracking down those who were in contact with a Malaysian man who tested positive for Covid-19 after he returned to his home country. Health officials report the man’s Thai girlfriend has tested negative for the virus.

The 46 year old man, who had no coronavirus symptoms, tested positive for the virus on August 15 while quarantined in Malaysia. His 36 year old girlfriend was recently called in by Thai health officials for a coronavirus test, according to TNA. She had the test 13 days after she came in contact with her boyfriend. She stayed at the hospital for 1 day to quarantine, making sure she was free from the virus for the standard 14 days.

The Malaysian man entered the country in March, according to Thai Immigration. He went back to Malaysia on August 5 and tested negative for the virus when he first arrived. He tested positive 10 days later. Health officials from both Thailand and Malaysia do not know where the man came in contact with the virus.

An official from the Disease Control Department said in a previous report that the source of the man’s infection is still a mystery since he was quarantined in Malaysia for 10 days before testing positive. The Chiang Mai public health chief Chatuchai Maneerat says he believes the man contracted the disease outside of Thailand.

During his stay in Bangkok, he spent most of his time in the condo. The Bangkok Post reports the woman was in “close contact” with the man, but kept in line with coronavirus prevention measures. Maneerat says “she always wore a face mask.” After the man left the country, his girlfriend went to Chiang Mai.

Health officials are investigating those who live in the man’s condo development. The woman’s friends are also being monitored. Maneerat says 5 of the woman’s friends are considered to be at low risk for infection, but they were advised to quarantine anyways.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post| TNA

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