From shy nerd to top bar host: Tokyo graduate earns up to 4 million baht monthly

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The transformation of a shy nerd to a top bar host earning up to 4 million baht per month (US$115,540) is the story of Esuke, an engineering graduate from Tokyo University, Japan. Esuke’s journey from a reserved bookworm to a charismatic host in Shinjuku, Japan, within a year has taken many by surprise.

Esuke, during his high school years, was an introverted lad, too shy to communicate with girls. He was more interested in academics than personal grooming. However, after gaining admission to the Physics Engineering Department of Tokyo University, he started to develop a sense of style and gained confidence in himself. By his second year at the university, he had his first girlfriend.

It was in his third year that a friend suggested he try his hand at being a bar host. He found the world of bar hosting vastly different from his regular part-time jobs and university life. As a bar host, Esuke had the opportunity to meet a variety of people, making every day exciting and enjoyable.

Esuke credits his success as a host to the logical thinking and conversation style he developed during his studies. He utilised his student status at Tokyo University to engage in logical and meaningful conversations with his clients. He would even offer serious advice based on their needs. However, if he ran out of topics, he would resort to playing the fool, drawing laughter and endearing himself to his customers.

After just a year of working as a host, Esuke ascended to the top three hosts of the bar, earning a monthly income of up to 18 million yen (approximately 4.3 million baht). He has set his sights on becoming the bar’s top host and breaking the record of earning more than 100 million yen (approximately 24.3 million baht/US$702,109) per year.

“If it were a competition of studying and taking exams, I would never lose. But this is really challenging, and I will definitely continue to work hard,” concluded Esuke.

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