Football mourns ex-Italian PM Berlusconi’s impact on AC Milan

The football world mourns the passing of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, aged 86, who left a lasting impact on AC Milan and the sport itself. Former Dutch internationals Marco van Basten and Ruud Gullit paid their respects, reminiscing about Berlusconi’s influence on their careers and the game during their time at AC Milan.

Berlusconi’s 1986 acquisition of AC Milan sparked a revolution within the club, leading them to dominate Italian and European football during the late ’80s and 1990s. His background in television and business allowed him to bring a new level of glamour and showmanship to the sport, changing the way it was presented and consumed by fans.

The former prime minister’s impact on football went beyond AC Milan, as he played a significant role in shaping the modern game. Berlusconi’s innovative approach to football management and his understanding of the sport’s potential as a cultural phenomenon paved the way for the success of other clubs and the sport’s global reach.

Berlusconi’s political career was marked by controversy, but his contributions to football remain a significant part of his legacy. As the sport continues to evolve, with state-backed clubs like Manchester City and PSG dominating the landscape, it is worth remembering the man who helped usher in this new era of football.

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With his passing, Berlusconi is remembered not only as a divisive political figure but also as a transformative force in the world of football. As the sport continues to change and grow, his influence will undoubtedly be felt for years to come.

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