Famous Thai rapper Milli denied entry into South Korea

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Famous Thai rapper, Danupa “Milli” Kanateerakul had to cancel her show in South Korea because she was denied entry into the country.

The Thai record label, YUPP!, announced yesterday that Milli can’t travel to South Korea to perform at the Hiphopplaya Festival on September 18 because of a visa problem.

Milli’s career on the international stage took off following her show at this year’s Coachella after fans saw her eat sticky Mango rice on stage. But it looks like they will have to wait a little longer to see the 19 year old scoff her favourite dish for now. The Thai star’s team apologised to her fans who had booked tickets in advance.

The official site of the Hiphopplaya Festival also informed fans that they have until tomorrow at 6pm to cancel their tickets and get their money back for both shows.

Milli’s team didn’t state a specific reason why there were visa problems but South Korea is well known for its strict immigration policy.

A series of reports about Thai people being denied entry into South Korea started last month. The country reopened its border in April this year, but visitors had to complete the Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) before arriving.

The immigration restrictions are stricter due to the increasing numbers of illegal migrant workers flooding into the country. Many Thai people have been turned away at customs, especially travellers to the popular Jeju Island destination.

Jeju Island is a target of Thai workers who seek work in the agricultural sector, which is more lucrative than Thailand.

According to BBC Thai, the Thai Labour Office in Seoul reported that 1,504 Thai people travelled to Jeju Island between August 2 to 22 this year. Some 649 people were allowed into the country and over 100 of those disappeared after entering.

The Thai Embassy in Seoul informed the media that 139,245 Thai people are working illegally in South Korea with 42,538 people living and working legally in the country. About 17,000 people are working and staying under the Thailand and South Korea scheme, the Employment Permit System.

Some Thais are willing to pay 80,000 baht to 100,000 baht to fake travel agencies to work there, and many of them ended up in the South Korean immigration rooms and lost all of their money.

SOURCE: Khaosod | BBC Thai

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