VIDEO: Python attacks Royal Forest Department officer in Bangkok

A huge python attacked a Royal Forest Department officer at the department’s Japan Building in Bangkok on Monday. Pythons are non-venomous snakes, but the officer still suffered a nasty bite.

CCTV footage captures the woman walking towards the lift with two colleagues when the snake appears from nowhere and launches at her legs.

After the incident, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation mobilised a team to remove and relocate the snake. The rescue team found not one, not two, but three pythons hiding in the government building.

Yesterday, the team reported that they had caught and removed two of the three pythons. However, one python is still at large and is suspected to be slithering around somewhere in the Royal Forest Department offices.

Sergeant Major Pinyo Puckpinyayo from the disaster department said it is likely that the 3.5 metre python hasn’t eaten in days, which is possibly why it ambushed the officer.

Pythons are non-venomous snakes and kill their prey by squeezing them to death. While a python doesn’t have fangs, they do have teeth, but are widely believed to bite humans only in self-defence.

Pythons tend to be docile and non-aggressive snakes, so the Forest Department officer got unlucky in this case. The grouchy python must have been really hungry.

Snakes are more likely to sneak into buildings in Thailand during the rainy season, so keep your homes free of clutter and your windows and doors closed.

SOURCE: สรยุทธ สุทัศนะจินดา กรรมกรข่าว

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