Famous South Korean streamer found dead in Cambodian pond, Chinese couple arrested

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The body of a famous South Korean DJ, broadcaster, and influencer was found dead in a pond in Cambodia. Police arrested a Chinese couple who allegedly confessed to killing the well-known female broadcaster, BJ Ahyeong, in the nation’s capital Phnom Phen.

The 33 year old mysteriously disappeared from all of her social media platforms in March. Her body was discovered wrapped in a red cloth and abandoned in a pond in the Cambodian province of Kandal near Phnom Penh. The investigation led to the arrest of a married Chinese couple, 30 year old Lai Mou, and 39 year old Cai Mou, living in Phnom Penh, who confessed to disposing of her body.

Local Cambodian media reported that on Tuesday, June 6, the body of an anonymous woman was found in the pond. Initially, officials believed the victim was a South Korean tourist. Further investigation led to the identification of the body as the famous broadcaster, who had over 150,000 followers on her AfreecaTV streaming channel and more than 258,000 Instagram followers. BJ Ahyeong recently announced her intention to quit her profession and live a more ordinary life.

The Chinese couple confessed that on June 4, BJ Ahyeong visited their practise, Bokang Clinic, for serum injections. She later experienced seizures and, as a consequence, eventually lost consciousness and passed away. They claimed they then wrapped her body in a red cloth and dumped it in the river. However, local media revealed the corpse showed signs of severe facial injuries, indistinguishable wounds, broken bones, bruises, and burns.

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The Chinese couple is currently detained and waiting for legal proceedings. The authorities are investigating the murder while awaiting the autopsy report for a clearer cause of death.

The South Korean police have corroborated the reports from Cambodia and confirmed that BJ Ahyeong had indeed travelled to Cambodia with an acquaintance and visited the Chinese couple’s clinic.

South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that they would provide diplomatic assistance to the deceased’s family and closely cooperate with Cambodian police in their investigation.

Famous South Korean streamer found dead in Cambodian pond, Chinese couple arrested | News by Thaiger
Picture of BJ Ahyeong and her two alleged killers courtesy of www.allkpop.com.

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