Teen fights off crocodile while fishing with siblings in Australia

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A 19 year old teenager in Northern Australia has had a miraculous escape after being dragged underwater by a giant crocodile while out fishing with his relatives on Groote Eylandt. Despite his terrifying experience, Zefha Butcher managed to survive the harrowing encounter with only minor injuries.

Zefha had been fishing along with his 10 year old brother and another relative when the incident took place at around 8pm local time earlier last month. According to Zefha, the crocodile suddenly attacked him from behind, gripping his waist with its powerful jaws. He recounted the sensation, “It was hard, like being hit by a car.”

His younger brother and the other relative scrambled ashore to seek help, while Zefha bravely fought off the 5.4-metre-long crocodile by jabbing it in the eye. “I tried to poke its eye two or three times. At first, I used my thumb, but it wouldn’t let go. Then, I tried my other fingers, causing it to open its mouth,” describes Zefha.

The teenager escaped the ordeal with only minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises on his leg, thigh, and hand. Hospital staff treated Zefha’s wounds primarily for infection control, and after several days in the hospital, he was discharged. Local wildlife officials later caught and euthanised the crocodile near Milkala Beach, identifying it by the white finger mark in its eye. The reptile had also been killing and threatening dogs in the area. Zefha’s family and villagers have hailed him as a hero for prioritising the safety of his younger brother and their relative over himself.

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