Heartbreaking divorce: Man discovers wife’s shocking secret after six years

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A shocking divorce tale has emerged from Siyang in Hubei province, China, where a man discovered his wife’s shocking secret: their child was fathered by another man. The man, known as Wang, was a poor rural worker who quit school after primary education to work on the farm. A lack of romantic prospects concerned his mother.

Eventually, he was introduced to a woman, ten years his junior, named Che. Despite the age and socio-economic differences, they dated and married within two months due to Che’s non-resistance. Shortly after, Che gave birth to a son, moved back to her parents’ house, and urged Wang to work harder to buy a home. Wang, wanting a better life for his family, mostly spent his time working to earn money.

For six years of marriage, Wang worked alone and had little time to spend with his wife and son. Any attempts to visit his wife and son on his off days were often rejected for various reasons. He led a frugal life, transferring almost all his monthly earnings to his wife. However, one day, Che asked for a divorce, citing unhappiness. Despite being taken aback, Wang refused to agree to a divorce.

At this point, Che became anxious and finally revealed the deep secret she had been harbouring.

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“The child is not actually yours,” she confessed, leaving him almost collapsed.

His heartbreak intensified upon learning that Che was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s child. She discovered her pregnancy after their breakup but chose to keep the baby out of love for her ex. She reluctantly married Wang to avoid the village gossip about her growing belly.

After hearing the full story, Wang realised that his hard-earned money over the past six years was used to raise another man’s child. He decided to divorce his wife, demanding a full refund of the money he accumulated through years of hard work. However, his wife adamantly refused, claiming she was penniless.

Wang is currently struggling and considering legal action to rectify this situation, reported Sanook.

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